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Sr. Growth Marketer (Seo + Sem)


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At Hilos.io, we’re building a no-code platform for everything related to WhatsApp. Come join the team and help us create amazing experiences for businesses using WhatsApp in LATAM 🙂.

What you’ll be working on

When Meta (fka. Facebook) announced they would be focusing on business messaging and opening up the WhatsApp API for companies, a huge opportunity was created. In order to reach most of LATAM and SEA, the best channel by far is WhatsApp, but companies don’t have the tools or processes to be able to use it effectively. That’s what we’re here to solve and that’s what you’ll be mostly working on: helping companies think of the possibilities and then presenting Hilos as the best tool in order to get that done.

As a very young company, we are starting our go to market motion which includes:

  • Iterating on our existing go to market strategy to deliver scalable ways to acquire users for a low CAC.
  • Fine tuning our ICPs based on product usage data, customer feedback and interviews.
  • Managing and executing SEM campaigns.
  • Managing and executing SEO efforts.
  • Building out a cohesive customer journey with all the required touchpoints with customers.

You’ll be the first growth hire at Hilos, and we’re thrilled to learn from you!

Who we’re looking for

While we have a clear idea of what we need right now, we know that our growth strategy will change, and therefore what we need from you will also change. Overall, we’re looking for a generalist who has deep expertise in executing SEM and SEO efforts, but is flexible enough to lead our growth efforts, whatever direction that may change to.

On SEM we’d love someone knows the in and outs of Google’s complicated machinery for ads and can get the data required from it to make informed decisions and get our tracking and attribution story in our product to be excellent.

On SEO, we’re looking for a more scalable way to acquire customers. SEM doesn’t scale indefinitely, so we have to be where our customers are, whenever they are searching for solutions to their problems. We already have an agency working with us on this, so we’d like someone can quickly learn and understand the strategy and execute it, be it writing articles, running experiments on our website, or getting the engineering team to build the technical aspects we need, in order to have an effective funnel.


  • Native Spanish speaking and writing abilities.
  • Experience designing and executing SEM campaigns.
  • Experience designing and executing SEO strategies.
  • Experience with Google Ads, Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager.
  • Strong analytical capabilities (comfortable breaking a problem down into smaller parts and logically thinking through potential problem causes and getting to solutions that solve those problems).
  • High degree of ownership and past situations where you’ve been responsible for growing a product or executing a complex project.
  • Able to work on high level strategy, but also willing get your hands dirty executing.
  • Strong communication skills, able to clearly communicate ideas and the reasons behind, as well as able to push back on the founding team.
  • We do not require a specific college degree, X years of experience or having worked at prestigious companies.

Nice to have’s

  • Advanced english (basic would be required)
  • Previous entrepreneurial experience, be it a venture funded startup, a marketing agency, an ecommerce store, or anything in between!
  • Experience in B2B

What it’s like to work at Hilos

We expect everyone on our team to take ownership of the projects they work on and understand the urgency we face as a startup. What that means is that we expect you to say “hey, there’s this problem, I’m going to find the simplest solution” and then be able deliver on it (obviously with the support of the team). We would love for you to ultimately be the owner of our growth efforts. As such, you’ll be driving the evolution of our GTM strategy together with the founders, and have freedom on how you want to execute.

We’re currently have a strong product and tech team, with both co-founders being experienced at building intuitive products that work. That means that you’ll be able to trust the team behind the product you’re selling.

Our approach to building a company is to find a small group of very smart and driven people who are excited about their work, and our mission. There are defined roles and assignments, but ultimately it’s a messy journey of exploration, learning and relentlessly executing against the strategies we come up with, no matter if it sounds like our original job description or not.

On our team, there’s no one person that knows it all, but there is a process that helps guide everyone to success, which is why we’re open about our plans and encourage our team to push back when we propose things that don’t make sense or can be improved upon. We want you to feel comfortable and empowered to speak your mind and argue about the best way to achieve our goals in an empathic, human and customer-centric way.

Some basics:

  • We’re fully remote and have no expectations of ever getting an office.
  • Meetings are the death of productivity, so we try to keep them to a minimum. Our only recurring meetings are: 15 min daily check ins, a 1hr sprint prioritisation and bi weekly 1:1s with Alfonso and Flo. We try to only use meetings on a case by case basis to decide things.
  • We’re happy to buy and use the tools you feel most comfortable in.
  • We don’t care how and when you work. One of our team members walks his dogs at 2pm and prefers working late into the night, others prefer to get a head start in the morning. As long as we’re meeting objectives, the rest is secondary.

Who you’ll be working with

You’ll be working mostly with Hilos’ founders:

  • Alfonso Lizárraga: I’ve worked at several mexican startups as well as for Stripe in San Francisco. I’m looking to build a proper engineering culture in Mexico and Hilos is my second startup. You can find out more about me on my LinkedIn and Twitter (though my tweets are mostly memes).
  • Florian Raetzer: German and Mexican roots. I moved to Mexico a few years ago, loved it and decided to make it my home! My background is mostly operations and product, and I get excited about building products that “just work the way you expect them to”. I haven’t had social media for a while, but you can find me on Linkedin!

Also on our team are:

  • Diana Cortés, our first sales hire based in Mexico City, bringing her deep empathy in understanding clients and expertise in setting up and running sales processes to Hilos.
  • Fernando Herrera, an awesome frontend product engineer based in MTY. He’s the ultimate curious person and hacker, having self-taught everything to become an engineer.
  • Erik Hernández, an awesome full-stack product engineer based in Aguascalientes. No task is too complex or too new for him, and a master in getting details right.
  • Kristian Alba, an awesome full-stack product engineer based in Aguascalientes. His product skills are top-notch, and he’s one of the best at understanding our customers and how they use our product.

Compensation and benefits

  • Salary: 30k-50k MXN (after taxes) - Salary listed in summary is rough equivalent of monthly gross salary in USD.
  • 20 days paid holidays from year 0
  • Legally mandated benefits (15 days aguinaldo, IMSS, INFONAVIT, etc.)
  • Hired as a regular salaried employee or via Deel if outside of Mexico.

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