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Founding Engineer - Backend / Fullstack


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1 month ago

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Full time



What it means to be a founding engineer

Joining Vellum this early means that you’re going to play a huge part in guiding both the technical and cultural evolution of the company. Together, we’re going to face the hardest technical challenges this journey has to offer head-on. As the team grows, you’ll be the battle hardened expert that everyone looks towards for guidance.

With great power comes great responsibility 🙂

What you’re signing up for

  • Tackling our most difficult (and interesting) problems - prompt chaining, fine-tuning infrastructure, and multimodality, just to name a few
  • Designing, architecting, and building robust critical infrastructure
  • Owning our most important backend systems
  • Defining and scoping green-field projects that move the company forward
  • Working closely with customers to understand what the need, figuring out how to make them successful, and owning the solutions end to end
  • Serving as a cultural pillar of the team
  • Navigating a fast-moving, highly competitive landscape

Our stack

In case you’re curious:

  • Google Cloud Platform - as our cloud provider
  • Postgres - as our primary database
  • Python - what we write our backend in
  • Django - for our webservers
  • Flask - for our microservices
  • Typescript - what we write our frontend in
  • React - as our frontend framework

Working at Vellum

  • We’re laser focused on helping companies bring AI into production and providing real business value. Decision making is simple: if what we do allows our users to increase how many use cases of AI they’re able to successfully put into production, then we do it!
  • Don’t just cut corners. Cut the right corners (i.e. reduce scope, not quality). What can you do with 10% of your time to get 90% of the desired impact? Now that you only spent 10% of the time on this task, imagine how much more can be done with the rest of your time!
  • Everyone is a 1000x engineer/designer/pm when they’re passionate about the problems they’re solving and love the people they’re working with
  • Because we trust each other, we can move fast and have fun doing it 😄

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