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Wanted: Customer Support Helper, With A Twist

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Hi there,

My name’s Hannah, and I’m Operations Manager at Course Concierge. We’re an online course publishing house for influential YouTubers. 

Check us out here: https://courseconcierge.com/ 

Responding to emails isn’t simply about helping customers reset their passwords. It might get personal. 

Someone might write in telling you they’ve just experienced the death of a loved one and need time before completing a course. Or that they’re in financial trouble and can’t join just yet. 

Here are a few ways we think about support…

- Empower support team members. We use templates, yes. And we have guidelines. But we grant support members discretion to make exceptions where they see fit. We abhor a ‘computer says no’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0n_Ty_72Qds) approach to customer service that comes with cast-iron rules from on high.

- Customer support isn’t primarily about efficiency. It’s not something to be gotten done. Inbox zero, while blissful to achieve, isn’t the overriding objective. A personal touch goes further than you know.

- Inspiring action in course members. Our customers have signed up to learn something. Whether it be guitar, woodworking, or rock climbing, we seek to encourage customers to follow through and get the most from their investment.

- In a lot of companies, we’ve observed, support tends to become an island off the coast of the rest of the company. The wider team doesn’t interact much with support, and there’s often a breakdown of respect and quality. This is a deeply discouraging trend, and we endeavor to keep customer experience at the heart of what we do.

- Look at monthly reporting stats, but do not obsess over them. Mindless fixation on % customer satisfaction is not always helpful.

- No sales gimmicks. You won’t awkwardly be having to navigate emails about hidden subscription fees, bad user experience intended to make refunds harder, or any other such dark art. Honest marketing only.


You will be managing customer support on behalf of our clients. This means managing inboxes across a diverse (and growing) range of fields, and more daily variety than any ordinary support role.

Our clients have intimately personal brands, and we take huge pride in our customer experience standards.

We’re presently looking for two people… 

One person who can steadfastly manage customer support; holding down the fort.

Another who can be a helping hand in HelpScout, but who in time we’d like to advance to becoming an assistant producer. (Perhaps someone ambitious starting out wanting to go places.)

You will need great attention to detail in writing. We’re a small team, and in either role we’d like to get your help proofreading course content, quality assuring signup flows and members’ areas, and compiling testimonial notes for clients.

Both roles will be part-time to begin.

We’re entirely remote and (preferably) seeking two people able to cover North American working hours (where the majority of customers are).

We will very occasionally (every few months) ask you to cover a weekend when we have a new course launch – with days off the following week to make up for it.

To apply…

Simply write to [email protected] with a note on why you’d be a great fit, with quick mention in your subject line which of the two roles you’d like to apply for.

We have a no résumé policy – we just want to pick out the two best, most thoughtful and enthusiastic cover notes.

There’s no deadline, but those who apply sooner are at an advantage. We want to start onboarding right away, so please apply before December 8th. (Those that apply sooner are at an advantage.)

We won’t be able to get back to everyone; we can only plead forgiveness that we’re busy tending to customers. But for those we’d like to explore the possibility with, we’ll aim to get back within a week of your writing. (If you haven’t heard from us by then, please assume on this occasion you haven’t been selected for an interview.)

Thank you for reading. If you’re on the fence about applying: please do.

Best of luck, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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