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Senior Compiler/Language Engineer (Rust)


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2 weeks ago

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Full time



Fuel Labs is building the fastest modular execution layer in the world.

You will be working at the bleeding edge of blockchain scalability R&D. The upcoming release of the Fuel Network will feature a brand new virtual machine, the FuelVM.

To go with this new VM, a new high-level language is needed; one that avoids the many shortcomings of current smart contract languages, and that offers additional functionality and performance. You’ll be designing new language features and implementing a compiler targeting the FuelVM.

The compiler and toolchain are available here.


  • Design and specify Sway language features
  • Write a compiler in Rust targeting the FuelVM
  • Integrate the compiler with additional tooling: package manager, debugger, language server, IDE plugin, etc.

Required Experience

  • Experience with Rust, C++, or Golang (or other systems language)
  • Strong familiarity with compilers and programming languages
  • Masters degree in computer science


  • Familiarity with Rust specifically
  • Familiarity with blockchain execution environments
  • Solidity/smart contract development
  • Used open-source development tools
  • Background in philosophy

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