Medior/Senior Fullstack Developer

Recrubo | Tilburg, The Netherlands

Recrubo facilitates easy application via chat, mainly for blue-collar jobs. We are currently primarily focused in the Netherlands with the ambition to expand throughout Europe. We are an early stage start up. Last year we raised a seed round. We are a small team (6 developers & 6 sales/marketing) & growing fast. Currently looking for a Medior/Senior full stack developer.
Our tech stack: Vue / RoR / Node / Typescript / PostgreSQL / Docker / LLM
What we are looking for: (feel free to apply without all checkboxes ticked. We are writing down our ideal candidate here)
Primary Framework Experience: At least 5 years of experience in Vue.js or equivalent seniority in similar frontend frameworks (React, Angular). The candidate should have a strong grasp of modern JavaScript/TypeScript, component-based architecture, and reactive programming concepts.
Backend Expertise: 5+ years of experience in Ruby, with a strong focus on Ruby on Rails. You should be proficient in building, scaling, and optimizing web applications using Ruby on Rails, including a solid understanding of MVC architecture, RESTful API development, and Rails conventions.
API Design: : Experienced in designing, developing, and consuming RESTful and JSON APIs. Understanding of API security, versioning, and documentation practices
DevOps Basics: Some experience in DevOps practices, including continuous integration/continuous deployment(CI/CD), automated testing, and configuration management. Familiarity with tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI, or GitHub Actions is desirable.
Cloud Solutions: Proficiency in cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Experience with cloud services like EC2, S3, RDS, Cloud Functions, and container orchestration services (e.g.,Kubernetes, ECS).
Database Management: Strong skills in database design, management, and optimization, particularly with PostgreSQL. Understanding of relational database concepts, performance tuning, and query optimization.
Containerization: Experience with Docker for containerization and deployment. Familiarity with Docker Compose and container orchestration tools is beneficial.
UX/UI Sensitivity: A good feeling for UX/UI design. Ability to collaborate with designers and contribute to frontend development with an eye for detail, usability, and aesthetic appeal.

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