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Devyce is disrupting the telecoms sector with a redesigned business phone network. As our back-end lead, you will be primarily responsible for working with the CTO with C# on Azure, although you'll be open to dabbling elsewhere in the stack. You'll also be working on the architecture design for some of our exciting new features, perhaps around DevOps, maybe streamlining some of our AI work.

Skills / Experience 🤹🏽

(Almost) nothing here is a hard requirement, clearly the more the better but we certainly don't expect you to have it all:

  • 4+ years programming experience / 2+ years relevant experience with backend languages such as C# (we'll tailor the role to meet your experience, but there's unlikely to be significant management responsibilities for a while)
  • UK/European timezone with fully remote experience
  • Designed and worked on large systems with lots of moving parts and uptime requirements
  • Professional experience with some of DevOps, NLP, VoIP, Infosec in such an environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to pick up new stuff quickly
  • React / Kotlin / Swift experience to pitch in elsewhere
  • Built and documented APIs for mobile apps, handled Auth,

Features 📋

  • As the only experienced back-end hire, you'll be expected to be largely self-sufficient while the team is small. You'll need to take the initiative and make decisions, rather than expecting work to be fed to you.
  • In return, we'll support you in making those decisions. We're small enough to be open-minded about tech.
  • We use C#, .Net 6/7, and aim to be modern in our choices.
  • We care most about UX and core product reliability, although we've not always been able to meet that goal (especially around UX), while looking to ship non-core features more quickly.
  • We will be doing some genuinely fun stuff around NLP, as well as potentially around the nitty-gritty of VoIP.
  • Sane hours, flexible working.

Bugs 🐛

Perhaps these are red flags (and we'd all like to find that out sooner rather than later), but hopefully they're a list of things you're up for working on together.

  • Our CI/CD process could probably be improved and more standardised
  • Some of our services need close to 100% uptime. This makes deploying and working on them a little more painful
  • As the only technical founder, I've (the CTO) written most of the backend code, which means any idiosyncrasies in it will be multiplied.

Devyce 📱

Our team is currently a back-end focused CTO, with a junior front-end developer who also helps with product management. We have two contractors to handle the mobile apps that are at the core of our offering.

We are based in London with a small office near Fenchurch Street. However our dev team happens to be entirely remote across Europe and Central Asia. As a result, we'd ideally be looking for someone in a similar timezone roughly between GMT and +4. If you'd prefer to be in the office we'll get you set up.

Our one hard requirement 🛑

Enthusiasm for our product and willingness to understand it, pitch in, suggest changes and improvements, and spot issues before they become problems.

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