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Over the last 15 years, companies like AWS, Stripe, and Twilio have helped developers offload anything not core to their apps so they can focus on what matters to their users. Despite a lot of progress in developer tooling, most developers still roll their own authorization.
You might start with something quick 'n dirty – some IF statements and roles in a database, which may not be pretty but gets the job done...until you need to add more features, and more features. And inevitably every team band-aids onto this system until they do a big refactor. This is lost time for an area that's not core to what most companies are trying to solve for their users, and what's more, no one on the team is feeling great about this work.
At Oso (backed by Sequoia), we're building the first batteries-included framework for authorization so developers don't have to roll it on their own ever again. We're designing slick APIs to cut down the amount of time they spend getting their system set up, and building a fully-fledged policy engine and programming language (in Rust) under the hood to ensure they can customize their system however they need. We don't have any product managers – the engineers on the team are responsible for taking broad problems, experimenting with potential solutions and shipping a superhuman experience for our users.
The team members who join now will not only have a disproportionately large impact on the product, but also on the culture and future of the company.
We are based in NYC and hiring folks remote or onsite.
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