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As a Software Engineer at SystemOne, you will build the services that power our web and mobile applications. You will be a key member of the team, making technical decisions that will shape the company's future. We are looking for people who love to code and work with other developers to build meaningful products.

As a software developer at SystemOne you will be expected to:
  • Integrate health information systems and diagnostic instruments with our data collection platforms
  • Build reports and dashboards that present actionable information to health professionals
  • Maintain strict security standards for the transport of sensitive data
  • Optimize back-end services for performance and scale 

Engineering Process
  • We try hard to remove unnecessary processes from our product pipeline
  • We try not to over-engineer our software
  • Every change to any software is met with a code review in GitHub
  • We write tests to cover brittle and error prone areas of our software
  • We are a fully remote team, work in 2 week sprints and have daily standups

The Application Process

Good developers have many options; we aim to make it as easy and inviting as possible for qualified people to talk with us.  As described under “How to Apply” below, send us a short, custom email.  No cover letter, no coding tests, no puzzles.  Anybody who meets the requirements gets a friendly 30-minute chat with one or two team members.  You meet us, we meet you, we answer your questions. If you’re still interested, we’ll book interviews and get things rolling.

Requirements (must have)
  • 5+ years of experience in software development
  • Write clear, concise, well-tested code
  • Comfortable working in a team that spans many time zones, countries, and cultures
  • Embrace the SystemOne core values: 
  • Do good and create lasting value;
  • Make the journey matter;
  • Be worthy of respect;
  • Be pragmatic and keep it simple 

Nice to Have

Experience in one or more of the following is a big bonus
  • Node or React
  • AWS services, especially EC2, RDS, VPC
  • Devops/Ansible
  • Networking
  • ASTM, HL7
  • Hardware, serial connections
  • Medical Information, LIS, LIMS
  • C#, Windows Forms
How to Apply

Please submit the following:
  1. A link to (or a copy of) your resume, profile, or portfolio (e.g., your website, LinkedIn); it’s ok to send other links, too (e.g., a blog, GitHub, a project of yours)

  2. To demonstrate that you’ve read this and are a serious applicant, a short answer to just one of these:
a)    What are three things, big or small, you’d change about the language you’ve done most of your recent coding in?
b)    What was the last good book, article, or presentation you saw on software development? What made it stand out for you?
c)     What’s a favorite open-source library? What are its strengths and weaknesses?
d)    Briefly describe a project you worked on recently. What is something you learned while doing it?
e)    What technology did you most recently mentor a colleague on? How did it go?

We unfortunately can't accept applications that lack the 2 items listed above.

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