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Driven, eComm-savvy, Marketing Superstar Needed!
Title: Senior Marketing Specialist (e-Commerce)
This is a dream role designed specifically for a high-achieving, marketing-savvy person who is excited for the opportunity to be part of a high-growth startup.
Sweetflexx is a lifestyle brand committed to empowering its community to get more out of every step through its innovative line of activewear. By integrating our patent-pending resistance technology into clothing, we enable customers to turn their daily routine into a workout, and ultimately improve their health.
Dear Future Senior Marketing Specialist, 
  • Do you want to take your love and passion for marketing and branding and turn it into your dream job?
  • Do you want to use your talents and skills and have a real and meaningful impact on a growing startup?
  • Do you have the desire to help grow and lead a team in marketing?
  • Would you like the opportunity to live and work from abroad? As long as you can accomplish your work and make a US time zone, we’re good with it!
If you’ve always loved marketing and want to take your skills to the next level – while also learning the ins and outs of a quickly growing startup – this could be the opportunity you’re looking for.
But before I tell you more about this opportunity, I should probably introduce myself and Sweetflexx.
What is Sweetflexx?
I’m McCullough-inventor and founder of a rapidly growing startup company, but several years ago I found myself in a challenging position.
After graduation I took an opportunity to work and study abroad in China for a financial company. As I started to enter the real world, I quickly realized my free time began to dwindle.
I became frustrated that this job was all that life had to offer, and as I met founders of successful companies, I began to see a new way.
I returned to the US hungry to start a company that could help people like me take better care of themselves.
I decided to reinvent the gym – by combining resistance bands with clothing. Or, as I like to say, Wear Your Gym!
All I had was an idea and nothing else. I’d show manufacturers a drawing in my notebook, and they would tell me I was crazy, that it couldn’t be done. It seemed like the harder I tried the more the world resisted.
But, if there’s one thing that’s true in life, it’s that
resistance only makes you stronger.
Eventually, my stubbornness paid off and one factory was willing to work with me.
Roughly 6 months later, we had a working sample, and I took it everywhere to get feedback. What I didn’t expect to hear was this…
"You're not getting these back!"
"Wait, I can actually feel the resistance and they look cute :)"
Jump ahead to today and we are growing quickly and looking to build a team that can help transform Sweetflexx into a major player in the lifestyle space. That is where you come in…
Opportunity: Take the lead of our marketing and branding and work directly with myself and the team to turn Sweetflexx into a household name.
Learn from the best in the eCommerce space on various marketing strategies and apply what you’ve learned to Sweetflexx’s brand growth, all while receiving feedback from data and customers.
Skills we’re looking for:
·      Has a background in marketing, specifically paid/eComm marketing.
·      Someone who is hungry to learn about marketing and entrepreneurship. This is the most important factor to your success as eComm marketing is constantly evolving.
·      Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or another related field (not required)
·      Passionate about making customers happy
·      Passionate about creating amazing content
·      Excellent written and verbal communication skills and comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback.
·      The ability to develop and implement cross-functional systems and processes.
·      The ability to think strategically and work with the management team and external marketing consultants to coordinate marketing campaigns and align messaging.
·      Someone who is curious about the intersection between marketing, analytics, and business strategy.
·      Someone poised to be a leader and grow a team.
·      Someone who is flexible and easily adaptable.
·      Someone who is goal-oriented and can recognize/solve problems.
·      Someone who is incredibly organized and detail-oriented.
·      Comfortable around others, particularly in customer discovery and feedback sessions.
Responsibilities Include (but are not limited to): 
·       Creating content for both paid and organic social media.
·       Strategic planning – Collaborate with the management team and external marketing consultants to develop content creation process and strategy. 
·       Develop and scale current customer acquisition strategies (media buying).
·       Handling customer service and turning it into an amazing customer experience.
·       Engaging with influencers to get story reviews and inspirational posts.
·       Talented at writing funny and engaging captions.
·       Gaining followers, comments, and shares on social media!
·       Create opportunities to help turn customers into evangelists.
·       Managing company dashboards and evaluating metrics for company success.
·       Coordinating giveaways with influencers and “loop” giveaways with several other companies at the same time.
·       Many, many hats will be worn.

·       This is a full-time, salaried position.
·       Salary is dependent on experience.
·       One month paid sabbatical for each full year of employment (time for personal development and growth, prepare team ahead of time to keep things running smoothly) 
·       Flexibility to work from anywhere (remote).
·       Stipend for health insurance
·       Opportunity to plan, promote and go on epic events.

     HOW TO APPLY (applications due by November 12, but hiring on a rolling basis)
In order to apply please provide the following (no exceptions)
1) Write a story addressing the following question:
a) Why are you the “Marketing Superstar” we’re looking for? Tell us about your “resistance makes you stronger” moment (what was the biggest problem you’ve faced and how did you overcome it?).
Describe why you’re a consistent high-achiever. Give SPECIFIC examples of past achievements related to your successes.
(TIP) If you literally only had 30 seconds with me in an elevator, what would you say is your biggest accomplishment?
b) What are the last three books you've read?
c) What do you do for fun?
d) Explain what you're doing now for work and why you’re looking elsewhere.
e) To demonstrate your attention to detail, please include the words “Blue Rocket” in the first paragraph of your cover letter.
2) Create ONE document (Word or PDF) that contains both your custom cover letter and your resume. Cover letter first, resume second.
3) Send an email to [email protected].


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