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We’re looking for an engineer who can take our client application to the next level, building brand new image editing tools, optimizing user flows, and contributing to prototyping and R&D of new technologies. This can be a project based, part time, or full time role.

For this role/project, you’ll primarily be working with our VueJS app. You’ll be designing and implementing exciting features for image editing.  You’ll work with other developers to integrate new features from our API (and even working on your own backend features!).  You’ll contribute to the maintenance and testing of our client code.

Please note that Canadian Resident candidates will be given preference.

(That doesn’t mean you have to be in Canada, just that you would qualify as a Canadian resident)

What you’ll do

  • Build new and exciting features that will be directly used by our customers
  • Analyze our user flows, brainstorm ideas, and implement solutions to help our customers use our platform
  • Help develop powerful image editing tools alongside our other developers, using SVG, Canvas, Fabric, and more
  • Continuously improve our codebase, drive architectural changes when necessary, and write tests as needed
  • Write clean, well documented, and well tested code
  • Contribute to code reviews

What we offer

You’ll work with other passionate remote developers and help build a product that will be shared with millions of people. We offer complete remote flexibility, part or full time roles, a minimum vacation policy, an annual company meetup (COVID permitting), a monthly allowance for coffees and snacks, and a program that lets you expense books of any kind to encourage learning. Our philosophy is simple—hire diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers hard work and growth for everyone. We'll try to do everything to make sure you feel nourished, motivated, and supported. We want communicative, talented, organized people who get things done, just like us. 

Must Haves

  • Abundant Javascript, with both Browser and Nodejs experience, and bonus points for Typescript
  • Testing experience with Javascript testing frameworks like Mocha/Chai, Ava, or Jest.
  • Personal site, demo site, links to previous work, or GitHub account with projects to showcase
  • Vue or React experience, preferably Vue
  • Experience deploying an app using a service like Netlify, AWS, Heroku, etc
  • At least 3 years working as a software engineer OR a strong personal portfolio that demonstrates your abilities beyond your experience

Nice to have experience:

  • FabricJS, particularly with implementing custom controls and functionality on top of Fabric
  • NuxtJS, particularly with static rendering
  • Tailwind
  • NestJS or another NodeJS HTTP framework
  • CSS generally and specifically an understanding of the ins and outs of how it can be used in conjunction with SVGs
  • Worked with SVGs, bonus points if that work was done programmatically (such as with SVGJS or D3)
  • FAAS platforms (Lambda, Cloudlare Workers, etc)
  • Creating well-crafted tools for others including libraries and open source (include links to repos)
  • Active Stackoverflow account with questions and answers
  • Language/API design

To apply, please complete all of the following:

  • Go through our Must & Nice to have list (see above) and list what skills/experience you have or don’t have
  • Send a link to your github repo
  • Send a short paragraph on your experience working with images in and from code
  • Confirm you are happy to do video interview
  • Confirm you are happy to complete a coding test
  • Confirm you are happy to work on a small (paid) test project 1st, after completion you will be brought on part or full time depending on fit and availability.
  • Give your expected hourly rate or expected salary
  • Confirm you have good conversational English


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