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Supercast is a premium subscription podcast platform. We're growing like crazy and we're looking for our third Software Developer to help us keep up!
Looking for someone who's cool with wearing a lot of hats and getting a little bit designy and a little more producty. Folks who like working on end-user facing solutions more than deep technical problems are ideal for us.
Supercast provides podcast subscription capabilities (think Substack for podcasts, or Patreon if it was specifically about podcasts). Some of our notable shows are Canadaland, The Drive with Peter Attia, Breaking Points, Changelog, Politicology, and we have some very cool, very high profile launches I'm not allowed to talk about quite yet. We've gone from 40,000 to 80,000 paid subscribers the last 4 months.
Our tech stack is Ruby on Rails, with Postgres, Redshift and Redis on the backend. We optimize for being quick and nimble with a small team, and prefer boring but tested technology that is uncomplicated and works over the latest craze.

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