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Senior Operations Manager at Factora 
Skills: Business optimization, department integration, entrepreneurial-minded
Job type: Salaried, full-time, senior level
Location: Remote - United States

Are you confident in your ability to build systems and optimize operations for a lot of moving pieces? If you’re motivated to create and implement repeatable processes to scale a startup that transforms women’s financial futures, keep reading…

We're looking for a Senior Operations Manager to lead Factora’s strategic efforts to triple our revenue in 2022. 

This role will be responsible for operationalizing our business, positioning us for sustainable scalability throughout 2022 and beyond, and owning our cross-functional internal operating procedures. 

Factora is a small (but mighty!) female-led company on a mission to lead 1 million women to $1 million in net worth. We teach repeatable steps to wealth-building through our beautifully-designed, community-centered, “mini Masters” in personal finance, called the Wealth Circle.  We also get women talking about money through our Coffee & Coin podcast, events, emails, and Instagram—because talking leads to doing.

We’re leading 1 million women to $1 million in net worth.  Why?

Women make 85% of all consumer purchasing decisions...yet only 26% of women are investing in the stock market. Women miss out on millions of dollars over the course of their lifetime due to this investment gap. More female millionaires mean more chances to be the change we want to see in the world. That’s why we took things into our own hands. 

Working at Factora means working on your own time (we don’t have hundreds of meetings, but we do have hard deadlines), a flexible vacation policy, and the opportunity to work from wherever in the US you choose. It also means getting the chance to make a real difference in the world: helping thousands of women take charge of their money, become wealthier, and build the lives they’ve always wanted.

  • Hold a seat on the leadership team at a fast-paced company that’s revolutionizing women’s finances.
  • Establish the cross-functional operational systems, processes, and policies of an early-stage scaling startup.  
  • Take ownership of the productivity and effectiveness of our teams, from Marketing to Product to HR, and help us thrive in a remote-working environment.

  • Report directly to the CEO; Establish and lead operating processes for effectively managing the business.
  • Understand the functions of each department, identify issues, trends, and inefficiencies in order to build and maintain efficient operating procedures (read: work smarter not harder!).
  • Use cross-functional knowledge to standardize systems and processes that will scale as we interact with more customers.
  • Scope and track interdepartmental projects creating efficiencies where possible.
  • Integrate communication strategies and provide project management support between departments (Marketing, Product, HR, Finance).
  • Implement tools and techniques that help our team thrive in a remote-first company.
  • Partner with HR to execute people management tasks from allocating headcount to hiring to writing onboarding plans to owning change management systems.
  • Assist with budgeting and financial projections tied to revenue-generating goals.
  • Help manage strategic business planning processes by leading quarterly planning sessions and weekly leadership team meetings.
  • Identify additional initiatives needed to achieve operational excellence.

  • An experienced operations professional who has spent 4+ years scaling startups in previous roles.
  • A self-starter who is entrepreneurial, innovative, and fearlessly committed to creating solutions.
  • A ruthless simplifier who lives to streamline.
  • A detailed-oriented operator who has a passion for automation and creating efficiencies.
  • An inspirational leader who takes full ownership of their role and is confident in their ability to finish a project without much hand-holding.
  • A great communicator who is both a team player and challenger when they think differently about the strategy at hand.
  • An experienced manager who is comfortable with the unpredictability and limited resources of an early-stage startup. 
  • A tech-savvy guru (experience with Asana, Zoom, Slack, Zapier and Kajabi is a plus!) who is ruthlessly organized.
  • A mission-driven human who is interested in personal finance and helping other women succeed.

  • Those whose skills are more creative rather than analytic.
  • Those that need a lot of direction and structure to complete an initiative.
  • Those that struggle to motivate a team.
  • Those that are resistant to forging new paths.
  • Those that don’t adapt well to change.
  • Those that have a hard time hitting tight deadlines.

I’m Allegra, a former New York City fashion-turned-finance professional. After college, I followed a pretty typical route many women experience and spent the first decade of my career being overworked and underpaid.  After years of struggling financially, I learned the hard way how to negotiate my salary, and eventually did it so well I became a salary negotiation coach to help other women advocate for their earning potential too. 

Suddenly, I was making A LOT more money...but I was also starting to spend A LOT more money. How could this be?! I realized that despite making more, I didn’t understand how to save or invest my income. I tried talking to friends and colleagues but it seemed everyone was having the same issues and were too scared to talk about it.

So began my financial revolution. I dove head-first into learning as much as I could about personal finance and investing.  After a few years, I uprooted my life to Austin, TX to accelerate my wealth building goals. There, I found and  galvanized a community of women who were also interested in becoming financially-savvy: and Factora was born. 

Three years later, I’m the CEO of the fastest growing women’s wealth-building network in the US, with a small but mighty team of incredible people by my side. Factora has over 800 customers, 4K monthly podcast downloads, 10K Instagram followers, and is on pace to double all these metrics in 2022. 

If this sounds like the right challenge for you, our team hopes to hear from you. 

  • 100% remote
  • Unlimited PTO, plus additional company holidays
  • Annual HQ retreat
  • Health Insurance & 401(k) starting February 2022

  • Use this link to submit your application:
  • Be prepared to upload an interest letter + your resume. 
  • In your interest letter, explain in less than 500 words 1) Why you want to work at Factora and 2) Why you’d be the best fit for this role. 
  • Please submit your interest letter and resume as one combined pdf document, with the interest letter as the first page. 
  • Please name the file in this format: FirstName_LastName_JobTitle

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