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You'll be responsible for building and maintaining the tech we use at all levels in our stack: storage, databases and containerised applications all the way through to request routing, CDN integration and email deliverability. You'll also be involved in collaborations with other areas of the business - for example integrating Ghost(Pro) with billing and support systems.

All our infrastructure is managed and deployed through config management and supported by a lot of custom code - so being comfortable with git and software development (Node/Python) is important. Our infrastructure comprises more than 100 servers across two datacenters, running Ubuntu and managed with Saltstack, sitting behind a fairly deep CDN integration. Most common tech across our instances includes MySQL, Varnish, OpenResty/Nginx, LXC, Gluster, and a lot of Node.js.

This role includes responsibility for being part of an on-call rota that includes weekends and holiday cover, but the team spans multiple timezones so incident management responsibilities typically follow the sun. All infrastructure roles at Ghost are inclusive of on-call responsibilities, and we do our best to be as flexible and open to working with everyone's schedules.

Skills and experience

  • Strong experience with automation as a core skill
  • Experience and confidence in managing, deploying and maintaining complex projects across several different environments
  • Experience specifically relating to web hosting at scale, containerisation and continuous delivery
  • Exceptionally clear communication, especially when identifying and responding to infrastructure failures
  • Managing infrastructure requirements and optimisations based on app performance and user load scenarios
  • Distributed systems, database clustering and replication management
  • Platform monitoring and observability
  • Backup and DR planning, plus common security issues and mitigation strategies

Who you are

Confidently independent. 

All teams at Ghost operate fairly autonomously, and all team members are responsible for helping make decisions about what needs to be done.

An active collaborator. 

We look for people who actively want critical feedback on their work early and often, and who get a kick out of refining and pushing what they do as a collaborative process because it creates a better end result.

Meticulous about quality. 

Quality matters a great deal in everything we do, whether that's engineering, content or design — we care about creating things which we're proud of.

A clear communicator. 

As a remote team which communicates almost exclusively through writing — concise, written communication is essential. Humble but opinionated. We enjoy working with smart people who have lots of ideas, yet are happy to discard their former opinions whenever a better way of doing things presents itself

We don't mind where you're based or what hours you work, but this role requires some working-hours overlap with the rest of our infrastructure team, based between Europe and Australia.

We value diversity of all types at Ghost and our team is made up of a kind, thoughtful group of people with a wide range of backgrounds. Some of us are single, others are married, while others are parents. We actively try to find people with different perspectives and experiences to the ones we already have.

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Salary and compensation

$80,000 — $160,000/year


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