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Hi, and welcome to the post about the Full Stack Developer role at [Squadformers](
### About us
Squadformers was created because we believe that great work can be done better together. Our team is composed of a bunch of creators, designers, and builders by heart and our mission is to make things on Earth better than they were before. We’re a bunch of freelancers & software makers, designers and engineers, who come together to work as a Squad. Why? Because working by yourself from home is lonely and doesn’t let us grow as quickly as if we do it together. But also because of the missions, the friends we make along the way, and the flexibility of working how and when we want to. To truly have this lifestyle, you need a Squad.
At the core of Squadformers is the team, or as we like to call it, the Squad. We are friends and colleagues that lift you up when things get tough, challenge you to be a better version of yourself, and respect one another, all while working together on an important mission for the world. Yes. We like to be decent Humans…
We have two types of missions: client missions, and greater good missions. We use the money from the client missions to fund the greater good missions, because those we do for free. Important missions that urgently need our help, like climate change and inequality. And the client missions? Those are important, too. We help Silicon Valley startups like [Gabb]( create safer and less distracting technology for kids. We help [Bevy]( create community with their online platform. And we help [Compose]( build a less distracting online world, with more focus and flow. And many more.
Our squad members come from diverse backgrounds, many previously at companies like Spotify, Google, Amazon, Netflix, and more. We work together as a Squad of 5-6 people, in North American time zones only.
### About this role
We have a Senior Full-Stack Developer opening on one of our squads, to work alongside experienced developers, a designer and a PM to build amazing products for our clients. You’ll be working on implementing new features, redesign or removing existing ones, fixing bugs and generally building delightful products. We’re product & design driven, care about good UI/UX, measuring impact, and code quality. We’re not afraid to take the longer road if it means long term success. We’re not fully TDD but like tests and sometimes have a QA on the squad. We look to you to tell us how to solve problems and be better.
Tech Stacks vary. We often work with Python + Django, Node or Go on the backend, and usually React on the frontend. PostgreSQL, GraphQL, AWS are also common. We welcome applicants who lean more on frontend or backend experience, but some familiarity with both is required. We love good tools and use Linear, Slack, Figma, Notion, Mixpanel, etc. 
We do run weekly retrospectives, daily standups and sometimes Friday gaming, but like to keep meetings short and rely on audio calls a lot. 
### About you
We’re looking for passionate individuals who value our mission and value a Squad. People who love to grow and want to get better through other people’s help. Team players who also love themselves, their own flexibility and independence. People who are their own bosses, yet see the greatness of other people.
We’re looking for great communicators, both written and verbal, and people who like speed. Speed of execution and of delivery. Ideally you have experience with SaaS, metrics, startups and some freelancing experience, some education, lots of remote work experience, and tons of drive and grit. You join us not because you don’t have other options, but because you know what you want and you know the path there is to go together.
You’re in it for the long haul. We are as well. We’ll get you paid, taken care of, invested in, and supported. We’ll invest in your growth and well-being through salary, bonuses, education, camaraderie, trips, flexibility, and support. We’re not family — you have your own one — but we’re the supporting community and virtual family around you that helps you succeed at work, and ultimately, in life. 
We’re looking forward to hearing from you, future Squadmember! 
* This is a contracting (1099) role, and with our 100% monthly client renewal rate, and rapid growth, the work is long term and there’s lots of opportunity
* We’re looking for 40hr/week at this time, but also accept 20hr/week applicants
* This is a remote job for candidates who are able to work in the PST – EST time zones, so you must be located in North or South America, but there is no need for relocation

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