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Small Batch Standard is the premier financial agency built to serve the craft brewing industry. Our team of consultants, accountants, tax specialists and industry experts are here to help breweries grow, profit, and thrive. We do this in order to build deep, successful relationships with the owners and operators who make this industry great.

We’re fully remote, with both team members and clients located all across the U.S. We’ve also made a commitment to running a Calm Company that supports work-life integration. Here’s a short introduction to our firm.

The Role

We're looking for a full-time, remote Full Stack Developer to join our specialized team. The main objective of this role is to build out, own, and continuously improve our core brewery intelligence software product (Compass) in accordance with the SBS Core Values.

Our Values

How we work is just as important as the results that we deliver. Everything that we do, day-in and day-out, is guided by our core values and is embodied in our team, our process, and our relationships with clients, partners, and the industry. Our core values are:
  • Antifragile
  • Play The Long Game
  • Embrace Technology
  • Build and Trust The Process
  • Operate With The Client’s Best Interest In Mind

Far from your typical corporate “values” checklist, we hire, evaluate, and make our most important strategic decisions against these criteria. The right fit for this role will embrace, uphold, and contribute to forwarding these values in the work they do, and the interaction they have with clients and team members.

The Person

We’re looking for an individual who:
  • Has an insatiable drive to create products that people truly love. We’re not interested in putting out “just another” cookie-cutter application. Our mission is make significant positive impact on the businesses and lives of the brewery owners and operators that we serve, and the software we develop must deliver on that promise. The individual who is the best fit for this role thinks beyond the next best technical solutions and is obsessed with developing incredible tools that not only perform the task, but also make people smile when they use them.
  • Is relentlessly focused on the end user. You eat and breathe User Experience and are deeply curious about, and fascinated by, how the end user interacts with the product. You’re ruthless in cutting out features that don’t add value. You’re willing to go entirely back to the drawing board if something just isn’t working for the client. This is “Act with the client’s best interest in mind” at its best.
  • Is creative, adaptable, and open-minded. You’re willing and able to take an “end-around” to solve the problem, change direction on a dime, and open yourself up to solutions that may be outside of your comfort zone. This is an early-stage product that requires early-stage thinking.
  • Is a direct, concise, cross-functional communicator. You’re able to distill down your technical expertise into straightforward language that enables the product team and end user to understand and interact with you and your work. As in, you can dive down deep into the forest, but also zoom back out to see the trees.

The Work

This role will report to our Director of Product and is accountable for fulfilling the full stack development responsibilities required to bring Compass to fruition, including but not limited to the following:
  • Develop Compass. Compass is our first foray into the web application world, an early-stage B2B decision support system (DSS) built on React and Node.js, integrated with the Intuit (Quickbooks) API. You’ll be responsible for all front end and back end development responsibilities required to bring the product to fruition, and continually improve its functionality, core features, and future capabilities.
  • Plan an integral role in future product roadmapping. As a member of the Product team you’ll participate in shaping the future development of Compass, as well as evaluating the potential for expanded functionality and/or entirely new product development opportunities.
  • Own your scorecard and rock projects. We run our business on EOS and Shape Up and use those frameworks to set monthly objectives (the Scorecard) and longer-term strategic projects (the Rocks) both at the team and individual level in order to make progress towards the firm’s annual goals and overall vision. You’ll be responsible for ensuring you’re meeting your targets and completing projects.
  • Participate and contribute to the overall success of our team. Each week the team meets (both over Zoom and asynchronously) to share wins, progress, and knowledge, as well as identify and solve issues. This occurs at multiple levels: as a company, as an operations team, as an accounting team, and individually both with your manager and peers. Your full participation in this process in critical order to problem solve, develop both individual and group knowledge and skill, and ensure that we are operating as a cohesive unit to achieve our ultimate mission. 
  • Participate in ongoing process improvement. Each week we work not only to serve our clients, but also to improve the process of how we conduct that work. Every member of our team is expected to be on the lookout and vocal about issues, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement. You’ll work both internally and with clients to contribute to that ethic and continuously improve our processes.

The Requirements

In order for this role to operate effectively, the following basic requirements must be met:
  • Have rock solid proficiency with React, Node.js, and their associated libraries.
  • Previous experience developing small-scale, specialized web applications.
  • Have a demonstrated ability to complete cross-functional projects in a remote environment within an Agile/Scrum framework.
  • Have crystal clear professional written and verbal communication skills with the ability to work with clients, partners, vendors, and internal team members alike.
  • Have exacting organizational standards and a calm and friendly, yet persistent follow-up focus in order to ensure things get done on time.
  • Have a demonstrated ability to rapidly adapt to new technologies and software, as well as learn independently as needs come up.
  • Have rock solid proficiency with the full Google Suite of products.
  • Available and responsive during normal business hours (9am-5pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday).
  • Have a strong, consistent internet connection and a work environment conducive to video calls.

Preferred, but not required qualifications include:
  • Experience developing decision support systems.
  • Experience and/or knowledge of the craft brewing industry and brewing process.
  • Sales or customer service experience directly interacting with clients or customers.
  • Experience with QuickBooks Online and the Intuit API platform.
  • Experience using Podio or similar remote project management tools (e.g. Trello, Asana, Wrike, Smartsheet, etc.).

Beyond the basics, the individual best fit for this role will need to be consistently motivated, engaged, curious, and able to exemplify the core values of the firm, while executing the objectives of the position with speed, precision, and expertise.

Next Steps

If the position, culture, values, and mission at Small Batch Standard sound like they’re the right fit for you, please apply here: https://sbstandard.com/full-stack-developer-application/

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