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AirManual is the second software startup from successful entrepreneurs Paddy Mann and Alexis Kingsbury. Our first startup (Spidergap) is the top rated 360° Feedback tool, a product used by 500+ companies.

With AirManual, we’re helping businesses to document their processes — making it easier to delegate and train others to get important work done. In just 6 months, we’ve worked with 50+ organizations and engaged our first 10+ customers.

We’re now looking to scale fast, and need your help!
This is a rare opportunity to join an early stage Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) startup that’s already delivering real value for customers and supports a healthy work-life balance. 

About the role

We’re looking for a Junior Consultant to help our customers (typically business owners or managers) to address their biggest challenges by documenting and systemizing their processes using AirManual. Challenges include onboarding new employees, and turning complex business processes into simple checklists.

You’ll get hands-on experience both in supporting our customers and helping us to grow AirManual into a profitable and fast-scaling business. You’ll be trained and coached by co-founder Alexis Kingsbury, who has:

  • 10+ years of experience as a Management Consultant working with leadership teams at business including Sony, AstraZeneca and Honda
  • Started 8+ startups, with experience of what works and what doesn’t!
  • Built a bootstrapped SaaS business (Spidergap) into a profitable business, with a team of 10+ people and ~40%+ revenue growth year-on-year

Ideally, this is a full-time role (40 hrs / week). On occasion, you may need to work late to meet customer deadlines, but this should not be the norm. Both Paddy and Alexis are proud fathers who prioritize family first, and we actively encourage our teams to do the same. You can read more about our “Enjoy the journey” core value below.

Experience or qualifications relating to business processes are beneficial but not essential. We’re looking for enthusiastic people who love solving problems and working at a fast pace. You’ll need to be comfortable solving customer problems live on calls, and writing clearly and concisely.

If this sounds like you, then read on…

About AirManual

At AirManual, we help teams to turn complex processes and expert knowledge into simple, easy-to-follow checklists. 

We do this by providing both the AirManual product and consulting.

The AirManual product goes beyond anything else on the market to reduce the friction that prevents teams from documenting their processes. Our early adopters tell us that we’re already a better solution than our biggest competitors.

With consulting, we help leaders and managers to prioritize, plan and attack their biggest business challenges. We help them to see what“good” can look like, and then to deliver significant business value in a short amount of time. Finally, we help them to build on this and adopt good documentation and systemization habits that can revolutionize their business.

Our early customers cover a wide range of industries(inc.further education, marketing, construction, professional services, and software), and they’re already seeing huge potential and impact in adopting AirManual. The feedback we're getting is that our customers can scale faster, tackle business risk, and — in many cases — take longer holidays!

Joining AirManual

At AirManual, we're fueled by the passion and exceptional talent of a successful start-up. We're hungry to amaze our customers and grow the business. But we're also focused on the quality-of-life of our team. Using our previous experience of building a profitable company without outside investment, we're able to support a healthy work-life balance.

We're looking for people who fit our values:

1 - Focus on impact: 
We know our growth is dependent on increasing the value we deliver to customers. We focus our energy on improvements that will make a real difference, with a desired outcome made clear up-front. We expect everyone to understand why they are working on a particular activity or objective, to be clear on how it will benefit the business and our customers.

2 - Be proactive and dependable:
Everyone can solve problems and remove barriers to growth — both personally and for the company. We are quick to raise issues and ideas, and to recommend next steps. We make it easier for others to feel they can depend on us by being proactive in our communication and action.

3 - Pay attention to detail:
We believe the quality of everything we do is a competitive advantage. We expect high attention-to-detail, whether it's in how we write an email, review our analytics, or design the site. We delight in getting the details right, even in internal documents. High attention to detail isn’t something you turn on and off — it’s an attitude.

4 - Always look to improve:
We survive and grow by constantly looking for opportunities to improve our solutions, our processes and ourselves. We own our mistakes, using them as an opportunity to learn what changes we should make to processes and tools. We expect our people to proactively look for opportunities to develop and improve our own performance.

5 - Enjoy the journey:
We consider our health and families to be more important than work. We ensure no-one feels that they are frequently required to work excessive hours. We support each other in overcoming problems and achieving work and life goals. We’re positive and enthusiastic — helping everyone feel energized to take us to the next level. We don’t pin our happiness on the attainment of a particular end goal - we delight in every step along the way.

Is this role right for you?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to all the below, this role is perfect for you!

  1. Would you enjoy helping teams to document their business processes in really easy-to-use way?
  2. Are you able to write clear and easy-to-follow content in English?
  3. Would you like to work in a fast-growing software business?
  4. Are you keen to work remotely?
  5. Do you like to ask questions to understand how you can make a greater impact?
  6. Do you practice regular self-improvement / personal development?
  7. Do you believe attention to detail is super important, and something you are passionate about?
  8. Do you like solving problems on-the-fly by collaborating with others?
  9. Do you love a good checklist?
  10. Do you live in a timezone between-5 UTC (e.g. East Coast USA) and +3 UTC (e.g. Istanbul)?
  11. Are you looking to work 40 hours per week?
  12. Would you enjoy talking directly to business owners and leaders to help them solve their biggest challenges?


Your responsibilities in this role will include:

  • Conduct “Demo and setup” calls to qualify prospects and help them decide where to start
  • Conduct “Implementation” calls to design, improve and review processes and onboarding
  • Conduct “Impact review” calls to help customers review the impact, reflect on progress, and plan next steps
  • Help customers to turn plans, videos and notes into AirManual checklists
  • Review customer checklists and suggest improvements
  • Offer and agree additional process design support on a done-with-you / done-for-you basis (beyond what we provide initially for free)
  • Manage and follow-up prospects in our CRM
  • Support large accounts in increasing their value and growing their usage
  • Respond to support queries

Don’t worry if you aren’t clear on what some of the activities above will involve! As you would expect, we have our documented processes to help guide you on how to perform each task.

What we’re offering

We strive to make our companies the best place to work.

We are doing this by being the best product in the market, building a great diverse team, encouraging great work-life balance (including taking lots of annual leave), being family-friendly, having fun, and maintaining a strong culture of continuous improvement (business and personally).

  • “I’ve made such a good decision in joining AirManual!” Daniel (Engineering, AirManual)
  • “Nowhere else compares! This is such an amazing company to work for.”— Pragyan (Engineering Team, Spidergap)
  • “This is the best work-week I have ever had. I love it here.” — Julia (Product team, Spidergap)
  • “I didn't think I'd ever be able to say with honesty that I LOVE working a 'desk job', but Spidergap has been transformative in the way I think about work. And life. My experience here has changed me for the better, professionally and personally.” — Joey (Sales & Support team, Spidergap)

  • Competitive salary. We calculate a competitive salary that represents the typical salary(50th percentile) for your role, experience and location. This is typically in the range of £28,000 — £38,000 for this role.
  • Work remotely. As long as your internet connection is excellent and you’re able to collaborate when needed, you’re free to work from any location you wish
  • Flexible working. You’ll need some set hours in which to collaborate with the team, but we’ll do our best to be flexible so you can support your family, friends and/or hobbies!
  • Annual all-staff meet-up. Previous locations: Iceland, Barcelona, Berlin
  • Generous paid vacation, inclusive of public holidays (40 days if working 40 hours per week)
  • 4 months paid maternity/paternity leave
  • Family-friendly work environment. Both co-founders work from home and have young children so we understand the challenges and what helps!
  • Health membership contribution (that you can use to pay for the gym or equivalent)
  • Bring your own device contribution. We’ll make sure you have the equipment you need to work efficiently.
  • Pension contribution. Typically 10%, depending on country laws.

Please note, due to local employment and/or international laws, we cannot currently employ people based in Brazil, France, North Korea, Iran or UAE.

How to apply

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