Senior Frontend Engineer – A11y/Design/Css/Typescript


Date listed

2 months ago





Total Funding

$1.3 billion

Glassdoor Rating

4/5 (9 reviews)

What you will do

🖼️ This role is in our team building the end user-facing side of our product. This means your work will get exposed to millions of people as they navigate through processes modeled by our business partners on our platform.

🥇Our business partners can fully customize a BRYTER service to their corporate branding, and you'll be working on the theme editor and the final end-user experience. You'll be building anything from CSS to custom HTML components.

What you’d be doing if you joined today:

  • Making our custom input types (such as Drag'n'Drop file uploads or date pickers) more accessible and consistent. The inputs are written as VueJs components and our aspiration is to make them feel and act like native components, from keyboard navigation to aria-compatibility.
  • Make our forms responsive, no matter if they are embedded in an iframe or are rendered into div's on the website so that we can render the same component as a preview that the customer will see.
  • Creating a more compact layout of our bespoke customer-facing forms that is fully backward compatible with the themes our customers have created, using mostly CSS and only falling back to markdown if it is really necessary.
  • Add theming capabilities to our wizard so that module builders don't need to dive into CSS in order to customize the look of customer-facing forms, ultimately bringing No-CSS to our No-Code platform!

What we are looking for

🏋️ You have deep, practical experience in theming websites in constrained environments. The DOM you'll be working on must not change too often, just like CSSZenGarden 😉

🧩 You should be aware of the quirks of "modern" browsers and still be able to create a pleasant user experience. For now, we're even targeting IE11, and once that's gone, there's still Safari.

🧠 You naturally think about all aspects of accessibility, from tab orders and contrast, to screen readers and reduced-motion modes.

💻 You have experience in a modern frontend framework (such as VueJS) and TypeScript.

✅ At BRYTER we value automated tests, so maintaining tests where necessary, will form part of your work.

🏢 Ideally you have worked with complex platforms/systems (often common in enterprise SaaS) before.

Why should you apply?

  • Direct impact on our product from day one
  • Colleagues that care about the product and the people who build it
  • We support you in your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Not the least by providing challenging work, people around you who you can learn from, as well as a personal conference & training budget
  • BRYTER has a product & business model that’s tried and tested and we’re in the process of scaling our impact, so your impact can scale with us
  • Customers love our product which you’ll have a key role in developing

This job is not for you

If you reside outside of CET +/-4h time zones or if you have no professional experience working with CSS and JavaScript, then this job is not for you.

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