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Luke Walker

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Hi, I'm Luke.
This is a Hail Mary pass, but who knows, maybe the right person will read it and both of our lives will change forever :)

Let's see...

First, a bit of background - I'm originally from the UK, I did the "digital nomad" thing for a while and eventually settled in Thailand. In the last 9 years I've built 2 successful online businesses (and 1 that failed!) and I've gotten pretty good at spotting opportunities and building companies around them.

About a year ago, another of these opportunities appeared, and it's got more potential than anything I've worked on before.

Myself and my other Co-Founders jumped on it, built an MVP (it's a SaaS product for online creators), and now have some high profile paying customers that have given us amazing testimonials.

It's a big opportunity, the MVP works well, customers are happy and paying, and we’re ready to switch on our marketing engine.

So what's the problem?

None of our Founding team are developers. 

We outsourced the MVP build to a good friend of mine who is excellent, but he's already committed to his own startup and only took on our MVP project as a favour to me.

He's still helping us as much as he can, but everything is moving too slowly.

We want someone technical to join our team as a Co-Founder who can commit the same time and energy to it as we are. Someone with real skin in the game!

If you've read this far then maybe that's you?

If you're a talented developer looking to join a company where a lot of the early questions have already been answered (what's the idea? who wants this? will they pay for it? how do we go to market? etc.), then please click on the 'Apply for this position' button below to apply for an interview:

P.S. Thailand is a very nice place to live and we'd love to meet you here one day, but we're happy with a 100% remote arrangement.

In short, we don't care where you're from or where you did (or didn’t!) go to school. If you have the skills to develop the product, you know (or can learn quickly) how to hire and manage other developers, and have an entrepreneurial drive and will to succeed, then we'd love to hear from you.

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