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As a Senior Product Designer you will be on the frontline of creating and further enhancing the user experience of Authory, a rapidly growing platform that thousands of writers, journalists and thought leaders around the world are using every single day.

We are a small team with a focus on quality and excellence in turning the tremendous amount of diverse content that is behind Authory into an accessible, beautiful and meaningful product that helps our customers in their everyday life.

You will be responsible for small and large projects, and take them from planning to completion. You will be our first full-time hire for this position, with the option of leading our future UX team.

1. The way we work

We are a remote first company. We value your integrity, autonomy and willingness to learn and share as a team above everything else.

You can work from anywhere you like (within an American or European time zone). We have a small headquarter office near Berlin but our team is completely remote and currently works from Germany, Portugal, Spain and Austria. Your working hours are flexible.

Authory is a small company — you will have a lot of freedom and a lot of ownership. We are careful to limit any overhead to give you time to focus and build an A+ product, and we are quick in getting what you conceive into the hands of our customers.

We are a startup that deliberately didn't go down the venture capital route. Instead, we are fully self-funded and operating profitably.

2. The work to be done

Your work is the incredibly important link between the advanced technology platform that is behind Authory and the pleasantly light-weight experience that our customers have. What you will do affects thousands of journalists, writers and thought leaders who use Authory every single day.
  • You will get to know our customers, understand their problems and develop an awareness for the way they tick.
  • You will be responsible for coming up with solutions for given problem statements, and taking your solutions from planning and prototyping to validating, and then to designing high-fi mockups ready for implementation by our frontend team.
  • You will have the opportunity to evaluate our existing Design System in a holistic way and gradually transition to a revised version that is ready for the next chapters of our product development.
  • You will help us setup and refine our design process. As a first hire in this position, you can help us do things properly from the start.
  • You will work closely with the founders and the frontend developers.

3. About you

First and foremost, you are self-motivated and self-directed. You will have the opportunity to take real ownership of your work and see it through from start to finish, understanding that you are responsible for tackling and clearing any obstacles in the way, with the help of the entire team of course. At Authory, true ownership means that you own the losses just as much as the wins, and both will naturally occur.

Beyond these fundamental qualities:
  • You are a generalist with extensive experience both in UI and UX, and have a deep understanding of usability concepts.
  • You are focussed on the "Why".  You don't just design to make things look pretty, but have a thoughtful approach behind every decision.
  • You have 5+ years of experience in web-based application design, including time spent on beautiful and elegant SaaS products, desktop and mobile.
  • You have a strong portfolio showing your strengths and your design process.
  • You know your way around tools like Figma or Sketch for everything from creating lo-fi sketches and clickable prototypes to high-fi designs.
  • You have worked with Design Systems and know how to maintain one.
  • You have a good feeling for how branding strategy extends to UI.
  • You are in a European or American timezone.

4. Benefits

  • Truly meaningful work: We are not building a generic product for corporate use. Our customers, mainly journalists, are an important part of our society who are in with their hearts, and it shows in the relationships we have.
  • Time to design: As we are a small team, we have fewer meetings/overhead and instead focus on giving you the time and space to build an A+ product.
  • Real appreciation: An outstanding UX is not only a means to an end for us, but has become a major reason of why customers choose Authory in the first place. Hence, we as a company value product design very highly.
  • Remote work (you can work from anywhere in an American or European time zone since we are fully remote)
  • Flexible work hours
  • 25 days vacation per year
  • Generous compensation
  • Option to become leader of future UX team
  • Choose between working full-time or 4 days a week at 80% compensation

5. About Authory

Authory is a rapidly growing platform enabling writers, journalists, bloggers and all kinds of thought leaders to take control of their content, build their own audience and advance their career — regardless of where they publish.

Founded in 2017, we are dedicated to helping writers (and in the future all kinds of content creators) to become more independent and succeed in the challenging environment of online media.

Our platform is used by 1,000s of customers every day, among them journalists for The New York Times, Washington Post, The Economist, TechCrunch, CNN and many, many more.

Learn more about Authory at

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