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Dentistry Brands is looking for an experienced, driven writer to join our team as a digital content writer. You’ll help us create and optimize various types of content in the healthcare industry, including long-form pieces, blog posts, ad copy, and landing pages. 

About the Job

As a digital content writer, you’ll help us create content yourself, review content, and optimize already written content. This includes evergreen pages, product reviews, blog posts, and more. Over time, you will create a large backlog of content for multiple WordPress sites in the addiction, dental, and vision sectors. 
You are expected to take difficult and complex topics and figure out ways to convey them to online audiences in conversational yet authoritative ways. 
Our properties are designed to rank well on search engines. However, this is not solely an SEO writer position. You should also have experience reading and using research found in online journals/books to ensure content is current, original, and backed up by scientific evidence.  
While reviewing content, you’ll help us maintain a strict set of formatting and quality guidelines by providing feedback to various freelancers. Additionally, you’ll help us transfer content from Google Docs to WordPress and ensure the content reads and looks great. You’ll also go through our backlog of content to ensure high readability and SEO scores are achieved and maintained. 
We have a small team managing multiple online properties. We can train you in any of the tools we use, but the ability to pick up new tools quickly is a requirement for the job. 
Here are real tasks that have recently been completed by writers. This will give you an idea of what the job entails:
Writing / Self-Editing (60 percent)
  • Your main responsibility is to create high-quality content on a daily basis. All evergreen pages, blog posts, and content pieces are held to a high standard. Depending on the topic, each piece should be between ~1,000 and ~1,700 words.
  • Depending on the content topics you are assigned, we expect at least 2 to 3 well-written articles within the first two weeks. After that, you should be writing 3+ pieces per week. We understand that some articles take longer to write than others (this is just a rough estimate). Our team is always communicating on Slack, so if your content is going to take a bit longer than expected, just keep us in the loop!
  • All of our writers follow specific writing guidelines. During your first few weeks, our content manager will help you get up to speed with formatting, headers, SEO, competitor research, how to cite correctly, and so on.
  • All content pieces must be backed by current and reliable research. This includes scientific journals, medical books, textbooks, and other reliable online sources. You can also use Google Books to find any free information. Please refrain from citing sites such as Wikipedia, any competitors, and poorly designed websites. 
  • You are expected to triple-check your work for any errors before submitting it for review. This helps keep our content cycle fast-paced.
Reoptimization/SEO/WordPress (30 percent)
  • Even though your main responsibility is writing, we also need your help with SEO and WordPress organization. This includes overseeing readability (sentence length, paragraph length, article outline, etc.) and maintaining high SEO scores for published content in WordPress. Our content manager will teach you how to use all of these tools during your first few weeks. Although, if you are familiar with some or all of them already, that’s a huge plus. 
  • You’ll also be responsible for updating pages in WordPress, formatting each page correctly, and adding graphics to posts before publication. This includes working with our designer to create on-page designs to engage readers.
  • Another part of your role is reoptimization. This includes going through our backlog of articles and updating them based on current SEO needs. You’ll use various SEO/writing tools to add new content to existing pages, ensure quality is high, and maintain rankings.
Reviewing (10 percent)

  • Once you get the hang of our voice and style, you’ll help in the editing process. This includes providing guidance on grammar, sentence structure, overall tone, and SEO. We hold all of our freelance and in-house writers to the same exceptionally high standard. 
  • You’ll also create and manage tasks for in-house writers and freelancers using Asana. 

About You
 We’re looking for a candidate with some experience in writing (SEO writing experience preferred). We will help you grow and become proficient in our writing style. However, you fundamentally have to be a good writer.

While a degree in the writing field is preferred, it isn’t necessary. It’s a major positive if you’ve worked as a freelance writer or have some agency experience. You’ll need to know how to work remotely and manage your own time.

You might have familiarity with some of the tools we use (GSuite, Slack, Asana, Wordpress, Readable, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and a few others), but we can train you if you aren’t. We want teammates that can learn new tools quickly and are excited, rather than intimidated by change.

With this being a remote job, the ideal candidate for this position is amazing at time management. Our team subscribes to the notion of “deep work,” which means we want you to turn off all notifications, put your head down, and work (think async work style). We measure people on outputs, not inputs. 

We want friendly people who are fun to work with (expect Giphy battles in slack), but can also give and receive feedback - we’re all here to get better at what we do. You can expect us to be very available when you start (on Slack), to help you understand the job and “marching orders.” However, once you understand the job, we will stay out of your way so you can complete whatever it is you need to (you’re expected to work without someone looking over your shoulder). 

Perks of the Position

This is a fully remote position, meaning you can work from wherever you want. We understand the importance of work-life balance. So, we want you to work about 8 hours a day, but we don’t want you working outside of these hours or on vacations. We want some work time overlap, but if you want to take a day off during the week and make it up on a weekend or holiday... it’s up to you. Specific benefits:

  • 40-50k salary, depending on experience.
  • Equipment stipend after probation period
  • 401(k) reimbursement
  • Health Insurance
  • Paid sick/vacation leave
  • Yearly company-paid meetups

Opportunities for Growth
We’re looking to get someone who has some initial skill, but we can help you become one of the best writers with an emphasis in search engine optimization. Specifically:

  • Ability to write on sites with aggregate monthly visits in excess of 1 million
  • Expert content creation
  • Content analytics (A/B testing, content funnels, content clusters, etc)
  • Conversion optimization

Application Process
Please submit a resume, cover letter, and at least a few portfolio writing pieces (preferably long-form medical content if available) to the email listed. If you meet the qualifications above, here is the hiring process:
  1. Prescreen test (quiz with a very simple <500 word writing test
  2. Interview with Head of Content
  3. Write trial article (~1000 words), we’ll pay you for this, it’ll take a bit longer than the prescreen test
  4. Interview with Content Strategist
  5. Interview with Founder
  6. Final decision made

We are accepting resumes through 8/30
and will send the prescreen tests out shortly after that. 

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