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Join us in changing an entire industry We need you to help us shape the future of air freight! At we believe that we can only win as a team, and we want you to make an impact with us! 🏆 What’s the opportunity? currently has three engineering teams which are focused on our core product, the marketplace. In an effort to professionalize our setup, we are creating a cloud infrastructure team and you would be the first or second cloud infrastructure engineer to join In the beginning you will directly report to our CTO and collaborate closely with him until this new function is properly established. To give you an idea of the stack: We are running on the Google Cloud Platform with most workloads being managed inside a Kubernetes cluster. We rely on a number of GCP services (e.g. CloudSQL PostgreSQL, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Stackdriver, Trace) and combine it with a number of open source or proprietary tools (e.g. Prometheus, Grafana, nginx, redis). To go-to programming language at is Python. Our product engineering teams are building a service-oriented architecture with GRPC to define APIs and Airflow for asynchronous workloads. As part of a global rollout of our marketplace, we are preparing an evolution of our infrastructure, going from a purely European datacenter towards a multi-continent hosting approach with Europe, North America and Asia as initial regions. We understand that DevOps is not a role but a set of cultural practices and a certain mindset to increase collaboration between development and operations. Our software engineers subscribe to the idea of “You build it, you run it”. Part of your job is to empower them to do exactly that while continuously reducing the potential for human error through automation. Together we want to work our way towards continuous delivery with low lead times and high deployment frequencies. ⚠️ This position is remote. You can decide where you’d like to be based from this growing list of countries. 🕵🏼‍♀️ What you’ll be doing:

  • Take ownership of core components our software projects are running on. Run initiatives to upgrade components to new major versions, implement backup and restore strategies and put monitoring and alerting in place (Stackdriver, Prometheus, Grafana, OpsGenie).
  • Empower and support our product engineering teams with improvements to our CI/CD pipelines, cloud-based development environments and powerful deployment processes.
  • Continuously improve resilience and failure tolerance of our platform. Establish proper reporting (e.g. in Looker) to track the development over time.
  • Actively increase security of our operations by thinking about refined approaches to authorization, network segmentation or encryption (during transport and at rest).
  • Establish best practices on the infrastructure side, e.g. configuration as code or dynamic secrets. Maintain proper documentation in Confluence.
🙋🏽‍♀️ What you’ll need:
  • The role is rather generalistic in nature. It’s a combination of administration of clusters, networks and systems with a fair chunk of software development to create automated solutions.
  • If something qualifies as the “bread and butter” in this role, it is Kubernetes. We expect you to have prior experience with the Kubernetes ecosystem and that you heard of the CNCF before.
  • Ideally you have practical experience with multi-region setups and the resulting challenges, we definitely expect you to have thought about this before on a theoretical level.
  • You shouldn’t shy away from writing some code. We don’t expect you to be a full blown software engineer, but it is part of your job to think about automation. If a project with a thousand lines of code that consumes a few APIs to do something gives you a headache, this is the wrong role for you. In case you don’t know Python yet, you will learn it here.
  • You need at least an okay understanding of Linux, IP networks, containers, git and CI/CD.
  • You should have an interest in software engineering processes and how to improve them from an infrastructure perspective. If you spend 30 hours on an automation that saves every software engineer one hour per sprint, ROI is reached pretty much immediately and they can focus one more hour on things that actually matter.
🙌 What can we offer you? Here are just some of the things that we think make it a great place to work:
  • The opportunity to have a serious impact on a fast-growing organization that is changing the air cargo industry.
  • The chance to contribute from day 1 with plenty of room for career progression.
  • An extremely steep learning curve working alongside an ambitious and international team.
  • MacBook or ThinkPad, Linux or Windows, the choice is yours – whatever helps you get your job done, we’ve got you covered.
  • Work within a fully-remote setup.
📚 Learn more:
  • Connecting the world’s air cargo markets to make them more productive and successful
  • Get to know our team and find out more about daily challenges, biggest achievements and personal motivations. Paloma, Abdullah, Veit and Siena.
  • is named one of 20 rising stars as part of Forbes’ Cloud 100 list
  •, the first real-time booking engine for air cargo, raises $42 million in Series B funding as demand for air cargo soars globally

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