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Small Batch Standard is the premier financial agency built to serve the craft brewing industry. Our team of consultants, accountants, tax specialists and industry experts are here to help breweries grow, profit, and thrive. We do this in order to build deep, successful relationships with the owners and operators who make this industry great.

We’re fully remote, with both team members and clients located all across the U.S. We’ve also made a commitment to running a Calm Company that supports work-life integration. Here’s a short introduction to our firm.

The Role

We're looking for a full-time, remote Executive Assistant to join our specialized team. The main objective of this role is to provide leverage to the COO and CEO in accordance with the SBS Core Values.

DISCLAIMER: Below you’ll find an outline of roughly the person we’re looking for, and roughly the responsibilities we’d like fulfilled by this position. But in truth, we’re not sure exactly what this role is going to look like long term, other than: we absolutely need this role long term, likely with more ownership and responsibility attached.

And so the individual who is the right fit for this role will not only need to be okay with some ambiguity and uncertainty as we figure out the exact scope of the role together, but will be excited by the opportunity: to apply your experience, determination, and creativity towards building out a new role that both creates leverage for our executive team and helps us fulfill our mission as a company.

Our Values

How we work is just as important as the results that we deliver. Everything that we do, day-in and day-out, is guided by our core values and is embodied in our team, our process, and our relationships with clients, partners, and the industry. Our core values are:

  • Antifragile
  • Play The Long Game
  • Embrace Technology
  • Build and Trust The Process
  • Operate With The Client’s Best Interest In Mind

Far from your typical corporate “values” checklist, we hire, evaluate, and make our most important strategic decisions against these criteria. The right fit for this role will embrace, uphold, and contribute to forwarding these values in the work they do, and the interaction they have with clients and team members.

The Person

We’re looking for an individual who:

  • Has experience working (and thriving) as an executive assistant for a C-suite level individual or team: navigating, organizing, facilitating, and gate-keeping the highest level of strategic, mission-critical, and confidential information within the business. (And calmly handling the “personalities” that often come along for the ride.)
  • Is deeply versed and draws energy from the People aspect of the work. You’re excited by and highly competent in facilitating the hiring process, interacting with team members and clients, and coordinating communication across the company.
  • Is an expert in all things involved in rock-solid execution. You take pride in being that one person in the company about whom everyone wonders, “How is it even humanly possible to be this on point all the time?” Scheduling, agendas, logistics, inboxes, tasks, follow ups… all of the work that needs to happen in and around “the work” is what you’re best at.
  • Is a technology savant. It is one of our core values, and in this role it will be at the forefront of your work. You’ll need to come to the table with the highest level of technology usage proficiency and adaptability in the company. Developers may know how to build it, but you know how to truly USE it.

The Work

This role will report to the COO and is accountable for fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  • Run our executive logistics. This means owning (to various degrees) calendars and inboxes and acting as an attention buffer. Protecting blocks of time and re-organizing meetings and other responsibilities accordingly. Scheduling and organizing team and client meetings. Looking ahead to coordinate preparation for upcoming meetings and deliverables, recording details, and organizing follow ups. The ultimate goal here is to act as a filter and lever for requests, information, and key details so that our executive team can spend longer periods of time away from communication to facilitate focus and progress on mission-critical objectives.
  • Own our hiring process logistics. Everything we need to support our recruiting efforts and hiring decisions. This includes things like: editing and posting job descriptions, managing job posts, filtering applications, scheduling screening calls and follow up interviews, collecting references and scheduling reference calls, generating job offer documentation, setting up start dates and kicking off the new employee onboarding process.
  • Coordinate new employee onboarding. Everything we need to welcome new employees into the team, and enable and support them as they get up to speed. This includes things like: setting up user accounts, sending setup emails, sending books and shirts, coordinating payroll setup, creating onboarding documents, scheduling onboarding and training meetings, making sure templates and SOPs are up to date, coordinating training details with the team.
  • Own your scorecard and rock projects. We run our business on EOS and Shape Up and use those frameworks to set monthly objectives (the Scorecard) and longer-term strategic projects (the Rocks) both at the team and individual level in order to make progress towards the firm’s annual goals and overall vision. You’ll be responsible for ensuring you’re meeting your targets and completing projects.
  • Participate and contribute to the overall success of our team. Each week the team meets (both over Zoom and asynchronously) to share wins, progress, and knowledge, as well as identify and solve issues. This occurs at multiple levels: as a company, as an operations team, and individually both with your manager and peers. Your full participation in this process is critical in order to problem solve, develop both individual and group knowledge and skill, and ensure that we are operating as a cohesive unit to achieve our ultimate mission. 
  • Participate in ongoing process improvement. Each week we work not only to serve our clients, but also to improve the process of how we conduct that work. Every member of our team is expected to be on the lookout and vocal about issues, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement. You’ll work both internally and with clients to contribute to that ethic and continuously improve our processes.

The Requirements

In order for this role to operate effectively, the following requirements must be met:

  • Previous experience as an Executive Assistant to a C-suite team or individual in a remote environment.
  • Have a demonstrated ability to handle confidential information and use discretion in communicating potentially sensitive information with clients, team members, and the company’s broader network.
  • Have crystal clear professional written and verbal communication skills with the ability to work with clients, partners, vendors, and internal team members alike.
  • Have exacting organizational standards and a calm and friendly, yet persistent follow-up focus in order to ensure things get done on time.
  • Have a demonstrated ability to rapidly adapt to new technologies and software, as well as learn independently as needs come up.
  • Have rock solid proficiency with the full Google Suite of products.
  • Available and responsive during normal business hours (9am-5pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday).
  • Have a strong, consistent internet connection and a work environment conducive to video calls.

Preferred, but not required qualifications include:

  • Previous HR and/or recruiting experience, either as an employee within this function or as an assistant to this process.
  • Previous sales and/or customer service experience directly interacting with clients or customers.
  • Experience and/or knowledge of the craft brewing industry and brewing process.
  • Experience with inbox delegation and management within Front.
  • Experience with Google Workspace administration.
  • Experience using Podio or similar remote project management tools (e.g. Trello, Asana, Wrike, Smartsheet, etc.).
  • Experience with Wordpress (in particular, content management and Gravity Forms).
  • Experience using Zapier to set up business automations.

Beyond the basics, the individual best fit for this role will need to be consistently motivated, engaged, curious, and able to exemplify the core values of the firm, while executing the objectives of the position with speed, precision, and expertise.

Next Steps

If the position, culture, values, and mission at Small Batch Standard sound like they’re the right fit for you, please apply here: sbstandard.com/executive-assistant-application

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