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TL;DR: looking for a (primarily) CSS specialist with minimal design and presentational JavaScript skills. Stable, long-term project. Fully remote. Up to $60/h (negotiable), depending on skills and experience.

What’s the role?

We’re currently looking for a talented and experienced HTML / CSS developer / designer. As there’s a / lot / of / overlap between various roles in this field, let’s outline what the role does and doesn’t involve right away.

These are the technical skills you must have:

  • Ability to produce expert-level clean, efficient, and modern CSS, based on UI mockups and typography or individual element style guides
  • Enough HTML knowledge to be able to add missing classes, extra layers etc.
  • Basic presentational JavaScript knowledge (e.g. for toggling a class on or off)
As a rough test, please take a look at The thought of developing animated top menus (the desktop version) or on-hover arrow effects for buttons shouldn’t scare you.
What you won’t need to do:

  • Design UI mockups
  • Do UX research
  • Write JS scripts or develop APIs
  • Worry about SEO
  • Work on backend code
If you can handle frontend / backend development on top of being a frontend design pro, we’d love to talk to you. However, great CSS / HTML skills > average CSS / HTML skills + any or all of the above.
Basically, we’re looking for someone who specializes in developing frontend designs – primarily a CSS expert. And we don‘t use “expert” lightly here. If you’re a jack-of-all-trades who “can handle” CSS, that’s great, but this isn’t the right role for you. If you’re a junior developer who just took an HTML / CSS course, sorry, this role isn’t for you either. We’ve got dedicated UI and UX designers as well as full stack developers – what we need most right now is someone who’s amazing at turning design-less HTML into a UI mockup lookalike.

Ideally, you should also be someone who...

  • Can work with an established style – improvement suggestions are always welcome, but you shouldn’t do_this when the rest of the code does-this, regardless of your personal preference.
  • Comfortable with the latest CSS standards – flexbox, grid, keyframes etc.
  • Has some  aesthetic sense – just enough to be able to notice a designer’s “typo” and query it if necessary, or to know the difference between “just right” and “distracting” when it comes to animations.
Again, you won’t need to design the UI – but there’s usually some leeway when it comes to implementing designs (or something may be too simple to warrant a separate mockup), and having a sense of what looks and feels good helps.
  • Has a healthy dose of perfectionism and embraces D.R.Y., mobile-first
No missing @media breakpoints or copy-pasted big blocks of CSS, please.
  • Is able to independently keep up with the latest features in frontend tech
  • Is reliable and responsive – it’s a fully remote role, so you should be very good at independently managing and prioritizing your workload and deadlines.
No “I swear, my laptop broke, and then my cat chewed through the internet cable” drama just before a major release, please.
  • Is looking for a stable, long-term project. Ideally, we’d like to work with you for years, growing and experimenting together.
This isn’t a role where you could wrap up a project in a couple of months and move on. We’ve got plenty of features and sections planned for the future, so we’d love to find someone who sticks with us for quite a while, producing consistent, high quality work.
What’s the pay?

We’re looking to pay up to $60 per hour, depending on your skills and experience. However, if you’re an exceptional candidate or can also bring rarer skills to the table (e.g., motion design, deeper JavaScript knowledge etc.), the upper limit is definitely negotiable.

What’s your frontend tech stack?

Vue + LESS.

How much experience do I need?

It’s tough to say. Quite often, the portfolio, skills, and work ethic matter more than years of experience under the belt. Generally speaking, we’d expect at least 3 years of CSS experience given the skill requirements – but if you don’t yet have that and you’re confident you can do a great job, get in touch with us. We’re looking for the best, and we’ll both compensate you generously and give you plenty of exciting opportunities to prove your skills.

Sounds good! How do I apply?

If you’d like to apply, please send your resume / CV and a link to your portfolio to [email protected]. Please also mention your availability and preferred hourly rate.

You’ll work on a freelance (non-employee) basis, and the initial contract will be for three months, with a very high likelihood of extension if everything goes well.

A few more notes:
  • We are looking for an individual, not an agency.
  • Please don’t apply if you don’t have an established portfolio / a GitHub (or similar) profile OR verifiable experience.
  • Please don’t send chaser e-mails – we’re a small business and we can’t respond to everyone individually. We’ll get in touch if we think you’d be a good fit for us.
This should be it – thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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