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TL;DR: We seek an experienced marketing strategist with an interest in personal growth and psychology. This is a fully remote, freelance position. $50-100 / hour, depending on how skilled you are.

What’s the role?

NERIS Analytics / seeks a skilled marketing strategist to take us to the next level. The ideal candidate…

Loves data and analytics.

You revel in taking raw information – statistics, comments, conversion rates, and whatever else you can pull together – and translating it into specific marketing strategies, initiatives, and recommendations. You love diving in and out of Excel sheets and can make sense of complex, diverse data.

Is versatile.

Whether it’s experimenting with Facebook ad strategies, analyzing newsletter performance, or spotting interesting trends in Google Analytics reports, you feel comfortable utilizing multiple marketing channels and data sources.

Has significant experience developing – and executing – marketing strategies.

This isn’t a junior role – we aren’t looking for someone whose only experience is running a social media account for a mom and pop business, or for someone who can turn raw data into insights, but not much more. In this role, you’ll need to take in a lot of user feedback (think thousands of survey responses), traffic data, and research insights, synthesize that information, and use it to both develop and help execute a coherent, multi-pronged marketing strategy in a crowded, ever-changing niche.

Is action- and results-oriented.

You’ll have plenty of creative freedom, but you’ll also need to focus on delivering tangible, objectively measurable results – and you’ll be evaluated on that. This is a chance to put your analytical skills and imagination to the test on a global scale, with tangible strategies and expert execution.

Similarly, we aren’t interested in vanity metrics, such as the number of followers or likes. The goal is to cut through the noise and get our content and tools to people who are likely to benefit from them most – not to do marketing for the sake of marketing.

Is great at developing online-only strategies.

We’re an exclusively online business with a diverse international audience. You should be very familiar with social media and e-mail marketing strategies as well as relevant KPIs, able to find your way around Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager with your eyes closed, and experienced in making best use of relevant Instagram / Facebook features.

Has native-level English skills and (ideally) at least some copywriting experience.

Our writers will be very happy to translate your ideas into engaging content – however, they aren’t specialist copywriters and may need some guidance on what kind of style works or doesn’t work in a specific context (e.g., newsletters, social media etc.), at least initially. That said, this is a nice-to-have, not an essential requirement – other points are much more important.

Is willing to learn our personality framework  inside and out, and then some.

Our readers often come for a lark, leave with their lives changed. We take pride in that, and it’s all based on a theory that is accurate, reliable, and presented beautifully. You’ll need to really get to know what drives and motivates different personality types as you’ll often be crafting marketing strategies for personalities that only make up 2-3% of the population. Generic stuff isn’t going to work – to tackle this challenge, you’ll need to be curious, open-minded and passionate about learning what makes people tick.

Appreciates the importance of privacy and good user experience.

This is the age of GDPR, CCPA and similar legislation – not to mention privacy initiatives like Apple’s or customer attitudes in general. We respect our users’ privacy and won’t consider ideas like putting Facebook Pixel on our personality test results page and then targeting them with Facebook ads, for example. That’s just creepy.

Similarly, we won’t do things like on-mouse-leave “But wait!” pop-ups. Sure, they may increase something like newsletter signups by 5%, but they’re also really annoying.

The point is, we aren’t interested in short term tricks or ways to squeeze out every last dollar at the cost of good user experience. We’re looking for a solid, long term marketing strategy that both connects with our users and respects them.

Works well with the company voice and values.

Our voice is informal and lively, yet rigorous and professional. We strive for a sense of good-natured knowledgeability and helpfulness without being stuffy or overbearing.

As a team, we’re curious, passionate, agile, and a little perfectionistic. We all work remotely, with a fairly flat hierarchy. Ideally, you should be someone who not only plays nicely with others, but is also confident in their skills and willing to own their work. You’ll always get plenty of support, but you’ll also be expected to make judgment calls, adjust the strategy as needed, and learn from your mistakes instead of always waiting for someone to hold your hand.

Is reliable and consistent.

Finally, you can do your work anytime, anywhere in the world – but we expect regular communication and timely deliverables.

What’s the pay?

Pay is between $50 and $100 per hour, depending on skill and experience, with 15-20 hour work weeks. Think your talent warrants more? Tell us why, and we’ll talk.

How much experience do I need?

We’re ideally looking for someone with at least 4-5 years of experience in relevant roles. This is not an entry-level role, although we’re open to being flexible on the experience requirement for truly exceptional candidates. If you’re one of them, prove that to us ;)

Sounds good! How do I apply?

We’d like to see your resume and a short video introduction explaining why you think you’d be a good match for the role. Just a few minutes will do – please simply record your thoughts, upload the video to YouTube or a similar site (ideally as “unlisted”), and send the link to [email protected]. Phone recordings are totally fine. Please also include your availability info and preferred hourly rate, either in the video or in the e-mail.

The video requirement is a bit unusual, but trust us on this one, a video will show us your interest and personality much better than any cover letter could. This is a high impact role, so we’d like to get a good initial idea of what drives and inspires you before proceeding further. Also, make sure you mention unicorns somewhere, to prove that you’ve really read all of this. Bland CVs with buzzwords are boring.

We’ll then pick the most qualified candidates and get in touch with them, discussing the workload, hourly rate, and similar basics. This shouldn’t take us more than two weeks.

You’ll work on a freelance (non-employee) basis. The initial contract will be for three months, with strong possibility for extension, depending on achieved results.

A few final notes:
  • We are looking for an individual, not an agency.
  • Please don’t apply if you don’t have verifiable experience.
  • Please don’t send chaser e-mails – we’re a small business and we can’t respond to everyone individually. We’ll get in touch if we think you’d be a good fit for us.
That should be it! Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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