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Fractal | Berlin, Germany

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2 months ago

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Full time

I'm Fractal's CTO. I'm looking for a strong right arm to take over engineering for our biggest product, Fractal ID (https://fractal.id/). It is a federated identity system, now transitioning to a self-sovereign identity system. Fractal ID collects and verifies user identities according to the compliance needs of our clients (mostly blockchain fintechs). Because these identities are reusable, we deliver fast frustration-free onboarding for users and high conversion rates for clients. Our current engineering lead is retiring, so I'm looking for someone to take over: a resourceful generalist who is eager to build, grow, and succeed. Someone quick to evaluate trade-offs and own up to mistakes. Someone who could build, mentor and lead a small team if necessary (currently our lead is working alone, with the support of a software agency, but that's something we could change). Your education and years of experience aren't what's important to me. What is critical is that you're able and willing — and excited — to progressively take up responsibility for a complex but well-architected software system with tight security requirements. This will be hard. It will demand a lot from you — Fractal ID is a large system with a lot of moving parts, and we expect you to put in a lot of effort to take ownership fast and be able to work independently. If you're looking for a challenge that you can look back on and be proud of, this is it. You will have the freedom to make technical decisions at any level for a large, well-architected and up-to-date large system with commercial usage. I'm happy and experienced with fully remote work, and your working hours are flexible. There's also a lot more to Fractal. We're a tight, passionate team who moves fast and gets things done. Last year, we started building the Fractal Protocol (https://protocol.fractal.id). It is an open source protocol to enable radical markets for data and designed to rebalance the online advertising market. Happy to discuss more over a call, but that's not what we're hiring for at the moment. This is me: https://whoisjuliosantos.com. I'm driven, supportive, resilient, loyal, and good at what I do. Let me know what you think, and let's find out together how to make this work for the both of us. Tech stack and practices:

  • Fractal's backends are written in Ruby on Rails, and the frontends in JavaScript/TypeScript and React. These are orchestrated as a microservice architecture on a multi-AZ AWS VPC.
  • Our infra is managed with Terraform, and leans heavily on ECS Fargate (Docker containers with Alpine Linux), RDS, S3 and SQS.
  • I like to live in bash and use git for version control. To lint and test, keep dependencies up to date, and do code reviews. To run a tight CI pipeline. To act responsibly with regards to security since we host a honeypot of personal data.

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