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Ambassador Labs (formerly Datawire), the cloud native developer experience leader, enables developers to code, ship, and run applications faster and easier than ever. Maker of top Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open source projects, including Emissary-ingress and Telepresence, Ambassador Labs delivers a developer control plane for Kubernetes that integrates the development, deployment, and production infrastructure for developers and organizations worldwide including Microsoft, PTC, NVidia, and Ticketmaster. Ambassador Labs is backed by top investors including Insight Partners, Matrix Partners, Trinity Ventures, and Four Rivers Group.

We are looking to hire an engineering manager that cares as much about empowering developers as we do and has embraced the cloud native phenomenon that is taking over the world. We strongly believe that Ambassador Labs’ success is dependent on hiring a diverse team. Diversity means a broader spectrum of opinions, ways of working and approaches to solving problems; we feel it is critical to helping drive the creativity, innovation and sound decision-making our customers love us for!

About the Job

You'll be leading quickly growing teams of highly skilled engineers as they shape the future of software development in a cloud native world. You'll work with product and design to build the software that sits at the intersection between technology and the real world.

We see technology as a means to solving problems and getting things done and, thus, prioritize a growth mindset over existing skill sets. Our engineering managers are leaders who not only coach and support teams but also hold them accountable to the high standards that our customers deserve. Our culture values making good tradeoffs, working as a team, and leaving your ego at the door.

We have loosely adopted Basecamp’s Shape-Up approach to development by undertaking well-shaped projects in six-week cycles. As an engineering team, our focus is firmly on products that help users make the shift to the cloud with Kubernetes, front and center.

Here’s a bit more insight into what life will be like as an engineering manager at Ambassador Labs:

    • You’ll guide product teams as they build features, review open source community PRs, improve performance, etc., in six-week development cycles, and then cool down between cycles to learn, improve tools, or maybe even hack up a demo of an exciting new idea of theirs.
    • You’ll provide engineers with coaching, mentorship, and support: holding regular one on ones, giving context on priorities, collaborating with other teams, unblocking projects, and resolving any conflicts that arise.
    • You’ll hold engineers accountable to increasingly higher standards, pushing them to continuously improve and enabling them as needed to achieve success both individually and as part of a team. You’ll be constantly figuring out ways to enable teams to ship quality code more effectively and solve customer pains more simply.
    • You’ll partner closely with recruitment to hire future team members with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
    • You and your teams will use GitHub issues and ZenHub or Notion to track and plan work, Figma for UI design, CircleCI for continuous integration, Docker Hub for the resulting images, and of course Slack and Zoom. We have a weekly all-company (Zoom) meeting to stay current on all the things, but otherwise we try hard to minimize the number of scheduled meetings in order to maximize focus time.
    • Note that on-call responsibility is shared among all managers in the organization, currently once every five weeks.

About You

You have experience both managing and developing engineering teams to pursue excellence over time. We’re looking for someone who constantly looks for ways to hold their teams to higher standards, both individually and collectively. What drives you is leading teams to build products that WOW your customers. Empathizing with our users is crucial in guiding the right set of engineering practices at Ambassador Labs.

Being a manager is a big job that also demands balancing multiple projects in a constantly evolving environment. You have a passion for helping prioritize and organize engineering work alongside product and design. You have a proven track record of successfully leading engineering projects from inception to shipped software. Ideally, you’ve already had some direct or indirect exposure to Kubernetes. You care about and work towards inspiring engineers to be GREAT.

Ambassador Labs is a remote-friendly company with “pods” in Boston, Portland and Montreal. Our pods are a way of bridging the gap between being 100% remote and working in an office. Eventually, when it is safe to do so, we will have physical offices in each of these locations for team members to go to on a part-time basis to fuel their creativity through brainstorming and watercooler conversations. This is our way of creating the best of both worlds. For now, everyone is 100% remote.

How to Apply

We are looking forward to hearing from you. We move quickly and decisively. We don’t need to talk to 20 other candidates to make a decision, so if the fit feels right on both sides, you can be part of the team as soon as next week! The first step is speaking to our People Person, followed by the engineering leadership, and then a few of your future colleagues. Interviews are typically 30 - 45 minutes, all remote. We’ll talk through your background and experience, your approach to work, and how you’ll make a difference as a member of our team: we want to hear about your real-life experiences and successes, especially the engineers and users that you’ve made happy.

This is a demanding application process and a significant career move that’s well worth considering. We appreciate you giving us that consideration, and we promise to give you our full attention in return. Talk to you soon!

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