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About us

Our Purpose

We’re in business to make cannabis users happier and healthier by making cannabis smoke-free through dry herb vaporization.

We are unconventional

Our business model is evolutionary. Most people know us as the owner/operator of the largest online retailer of cannabis vaporizers in the world, but we see ourselves as more than an eCommerce company.  

We use data and experimentation, to learn about how we can create more value for the cannabis community and to expand the capabilities of our business into new areas.  Doing so helped us create the top-rated dry herb vaporizer under $100, the POTV ONE.

We are in the transformation business. In addition to transforming cannabis, we seek to inspire change in business' role in society by demonstrating that you can do well by doing good and inspiring others to do the same.

About you

You are Creative

You believe that humans should be doing creative human work. And that robotic, repetitive tasks are better handled by machines.

You are not a number cruncher, you are a creative analyst that uses Business Intelligence to uncover new opportunities and leverage technology to create more value for people.

You are a Leader

You are a self-directed leader that thrives on freedom and responsibility in life and work.

You lead with trust and manage via collaboration, coaching, and guidance.

Your challenge is to discover and de-risk innovative ideas and implement realistic strategies for growth.

You are compassionate

Compassion is empathy + action.

You practice empathy and are a catalyst for action.

You are a purpose-driven team member that uses your time and attention to create a more compassionate planet.

About the role

POTV is seeking a high-performance, purpose-driven Head of Marketing to lead our digital marketing efforts. At POTV, you will be leading our 5 Cs of marketing:

Customer-Centric - At the core of who we are, we put the customer first in everything we do.

Content - POTV is driven by organic traffic through content that educates, and engages.

Community - An area for growth. How can we engage and co-evolve with the cannabis community to make cannabis users happier and healthier?

Channels - How do we leverage each channel to achieve our objectives and performance metrics?

Communications - Ensuring that who we are is reflected in all our interactions with the community.

Using the 5 Cs above, you will be tasked with creating lifetime relationships with the cannabis community and driving marketing KPIs.

As the Head of Marketing, you are responsible for the performance of the marketing team - ensuring that the team is focused on and executing the highest impact initiatives. You use data to inform decision-making, drive strategy, measure results and iterate. You leverage process and technology where appropriate while coaching and building a high-performance purpose-driven team.

Qualified candidates will have a proven track record of leading and building high-performance, purpose-driven teams. This role will lead the development of high-impact initiatives to achieve high performance across the entire marketing funnel - attracting new customers, converting prospects, and engaging a large and diverse customer base. While this is a leadership role, you will be expected to be able to execute when needed acting as a player coach.

If your background is very strong in paid, this role is not a fit for you as we rely on organic and owned channels for acquisition and retention.

Beyond marketing, you will work closely with the leadership team, on company-wide strategy, collaborate cross-departmentally, contribute to a customer-centric culture, and build alignment in order to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience.


- Own marketing performance.

- Analyze performance across all channels and identify new opportunities for initiatives and optimization.

- Establish and develop effective customer-centric marketing, and digital strategy, with a clear and consistent direction that drives KPIs across all channels, deepens customer engagement, and maintains brand identity.

- Use experimentation to explore new customer acquisition & retention channels while maintaining conversion and retention metrics.

- Plan and communicate POTV's marketing message across departments and ensure that communications are consistent and on-brand externally.

- Audit the brands’ digital footprint and identify marketing and eCommerce opportunities that support business goals

- Report on best practices, benchmarks, analytics, and KPI’s.


- 3+ years of relevant leadership managing a team in the area of  eCommerce and/or organic channel driven digital marketing

- Proven background in deploying and executing on a growth roadmap heavily utilizing SEO

- Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience

- Strong analytics skills: creative analysis to direct strategic growth

- Prior knowledge and experience building and managing in house team and external creative resources

- Strong presentation skills with the ability to clearly and persuasively articulate ideas

- US/Canada work experience with emphasis on e-Commerce and/or SEO, with an analytical marketing background

- Native English language proficiency level 

Preferred Skills:

- Previous experience with optimizing large scale email campaigns for custom messaging, proper segmentation, and timely triggers

- Ability to understand and grow a marketing tech stack centered around Shopify Plus, Google Analytics, and Klaviyo

The bold print

While we're a bit unconventional, we do have a requirement or two.

1.  You are able to work remotely, collaborating with a worldwide team.

2. You need to overlap with most US business hours on a weekly basis (US EST).  Most work can be done asynchronously, but we do need to meet from time to time.

3. A sense of humor goes a long way 😄

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Do you want to join our team as our new Head of Marketing? Then we'd love to hear about you!

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