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Join Brilliant Metrics on a quest to help marketers get to the next level. Help us tear down silos, kill big-campaign thinking and impart a results-oriented mindset where the mantra has been, "As long as the CEO likes it." We break the traditional agency mold by partnering with our clients to do more with less, market smarter and put the same resources to work in a more sustainable, more efficient and more effective way. We want them to become better marketers by partnering with us, not just handing over the keys.

Today, we need to add a digital strategy manager to keep doing that.

Are you the type of person that lives to find that sweet spot between bleeding edge digital marketing and the client's comfort zone? Do you love to look at the big picture, then zoom into the details to find insights and direction? Are others naturally drawn to you for advice, leadership and direction? Are you equally happy delegating and getting your hands dirty? Do you want to work with a great group of people from the comfort of your home, even after COVID-19 is a thing of the past?

If that's you, let's talk.

What does a Brilliant Metrics digital strategy manager do?

As our digital strategy manager, you are a data-driven strategic planner, analyst, leader and team member. You are responsible for understanding all the digital touch points of prospects and customers and how our clients can best reach those prospects and customers to the fullest effect. The digital strategy manager works closely with account managers and lead digital marketing specialists to analyze performance data and develop successful paid, earned and owned media strategies. You help clients continuously improve by iterating on prior performance. You'll lead a team of digital marketing specialists and touch almost every aspect of client work, both directly and indirectly, by participating in planning sessions, program setup, optimization planning, experimentation and presentation. You're ultimately responsible for providing ever-improving ROI for clients through data analytics, strategic planning, process improvement, teaching and training.

To be successful as a leader, you will need to fulfill on the following:

  • Collaborate with account managers on comprehensive marketing strategies for clients that encompass paid, earned, owned and shared media, along with detailed tactics for execution in the paid, owned and shared categories.
  • Train, mentor and remove roadblocks for direct reports.
  • Conduct higher-level troubleshooting and analysis of digital media and marketing programs to identify and resolve root issues leading to gaps, inconsistencies, poor performance, lack of reach, etc.
  • Serve as a member of your own team during the onboarding process for new accounts, owning accounts longer-term, as needed, as we recruit and train new digital marketing specialists and/or have high profile, highly technical and/or unique client needs.
  • Stay plugged in to current trends and best practices, and periodically review all client strategies to advise account managers when client practices diverge from industry best practices and trends.
  • Continuously improve the processes used to place and orchestrate organic and paid content efforts, and maintain these processes in our knowledge management system for team onboarding and reference.
  • In collaboration with the VP-Client Services, identify areas to add (or prune) our service line and collaborate with the specialist and software teams to train and document new or updated processes.
  • Define and maintain consistency in the visualization and explanation of core metrics, concepts and insights common to all clients.
  • Collaborate with the VP-Client Services on integration between the internal team you lead and client needs advocated by the account managers to ensure process improvement in one area does not complicate the processes of the other. You'll both work together to ensure there are no gaps between "front of the house" (account managers) and "back of the house" (your team).
  • Train clients on an as-needed basis on more technical use of marketing software, including the Brilliant Metrics client dashboard, Google Analytics and marketing automation
  • Work closely with HR to provide timely feedback when formal coaching documentation is required for direct reports, and complete quarterly feedback loops so direct reports are always working to improve not just their own but also the organization's performance.

To be successful as a digital marketing specialist (i.e. a member of your own team), you will need to fulfill on the following:

  • Select and implement banner, search, social, direct mail and other advertising channels, targeting and placement.
  • Interpret data and provide recommendations to continuously improve performance and drive insights of paid and organic digital marketing tactics, while explaining the "why" behind the data in lay terms.
  • Plan and perform A/B testing or other experiments using the scientific method to define and execute enhancements to productivity, conversion rates, programs/campaign ROI, and sales growth.
  • Estimate, forecast and collaborate with account managers on ongoing budgetary investments.
  • Collaborate with AMs on content strategy, adding search, organic social, and paid media insights and implications to planned content. Support, provide advice and recommendations on content that are informed by data.
  • Implement marketing automation tactics, including creating emails and nurtures, creating and updating segments and building templated campaigns and workflows.
  • Monitor and report basic SEO health of client websites and provide high-level recommendations for improvement.
  • Jump in if someone on the team is drowning. We are an "all for one, one for all" organization and help one another when help is needed. If someone is in the weeds and you have the capacity and skill set to lend a hand, please do.


To work with us at all, you need:

  • To embody all of our core values.
  • A space to work. That means some place in your home or coworking space (at your expense) where the background behind your workspace appears professional and you have the ability to hold confidential conversations with clients and team without interruption by family, friends or similar distractions.
  • Daycare. If dependents - young, elderly or disabled - will be in the same residence during work time and they are unable to care for themselves (i.e. you would not comfortably leave them alone and unattended for 8+ hours at a time), another adult must be present and responsible for their care and supervision.
  • A fast and reliable internet connection. You need a minimum internet speed of 5M down / 2M up so you're not frequently freezing or disconnecting during video conferences.
  • A daily work location within the United States (military spouses with a documented permanent US-based legal residence, please apply). Sorry protectorates, but our payroll service only serves the 50 states. This is a W-2 position; we are not able to convert to a 1099 relationship for applicants that do not meet this requirement.

To succeed at (and therefore be considered for) the digital strategy manager role, you'll need the following:

Significant demonstrated working experience with:

  • Media planning and ROI
  • Strategy, and tactics associated with display, search, and social advertising to include hands-on familiarity with all of the following: Facebook Business Manager/Ad Manager, LinkedIn Ads Platform, Google Ads and Google Marketing Suite (specifically Campaign Manager and DV360), Google Analytics and Tag Manager, HTML and/or WordPress
  • Marketing automation (Mautic, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Marketo, Pardot, etc.)
  • CRM (Pipedrive, Salesforce or Dynamics)
  • Data visualization
  • Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets, Microsoft PowerPoint/Google Slides

Deep understanding of:

  • Core marketing concepts like Viewability, social proof, native advertising, PESO model, etc.
  • Digital media metrics like CPM, CPE, CPL, and CPA
  • Email marketing concepts and metrics like CTR, Open Rate, CTOR, domain reputation, etc.
  • Paid media concepts such as algorithmic optimization, quality/relevance scores, retargeting, CRM targeting, reach, frequency, etc.
  • A/B testing tools and statistical significance
  • Data analytics to include aggregation and interpretation

Solid foundation in:

  • SEO concepts such as domain reputation, backlinking, keyword research
  • Mathematics and statistical concepts as they relate to data science

Possess and embody:

  • Integrity, respect, honesty, authenticity and humility
  • Strong communications skills to include written, verbal and listening
  • People leadership and training skills
  • Strong analytical mindset (critical thinking and complex reasoning)
  • An innate curiosity and desire to be innovative
  • An entrepreneurial mindset and eye for the big picture
  • Systems-level thinking, aka, the ability to dissect big ideas into actionable steps to easily communicate and train
  • An eagerness to learn new things every day
  • Ownership to include prioritization, time management, followthrough, initiative, dedication, self-disciplined, organized
  • Positivity
  • Flexibility in the form of adaptability and the ability to multitask

About us...

Brilliant Metrics was formed in 2014 by Steve Robinson, a digital marketer and recovering software developer, after successfully coaxing a few traditional marketing clients to venture out of their tried-and-true campaign comfort zone and try something different. He suggested that, instead of time-boxing their efforts and spending all the production budget on the front end of their campaigns, they start smaller and leave time and money to optimize along the way. The results were amazing. Steve wondered, what if all clients worked this way? To find out, he set out to create an agency built around this campaign-killing, optimization-driven, experience-based philosophy.

Since then, Brilliant Metrics has grown into a small, talented team of geographically-dispersed professionals. We've gathered a loyal roster of clients who value our education, counsel, strategy and execution and see us as the key to getting to the next level in their marketing and business.

Internally, Brilliant Metrics attracts individuals with a certain set of values. These core values are a part of who we are, not just a company line. We believe "boss," "supervisor" and "employee" are dirty words. "To employ" is to use, and human beings should never be used. Likewise, everyone we hire is a responsible adult and shouldn't require supervision or bossing to be successful. We empower each other to meet obligations, and we expect everyone will rise to the challenge and produce results.


What do you get in exchange for working with Brilliant Metrics?

  • An opportunity to get into a small organization and help shape all aspects of the business with a collaborative team.
  • Schedule flexibility for most roles.
  • Outstanding medical, dental and vision options.
  • Basic life.
  • 401(k) with org contribution.
  • Charitable donation matching.
  • Flexible and generous paid time off.
  • Internet reimbursement of $40 monthly.
  • Full-time (100%) telecommuting.

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