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Who we are: 

At Qintil we're all about lifelong learning, making it simple for anyone to access, record and showcase their training. But we also have a range of powerful tools to make it easy for organisations to manage their employees training and compliance, for educators to create, manage and sell their e-learning and live courses, and for training providers to manage the distribution of their content across multiple organisations. And we are now planning 2 exciting new web apps to add to the platform this year.  

The role: 

We're looking for an experienced full stack developer who loves to build great products. 

You will play a leading role in updating some of our existing web apps to use a Quasar/Vue front end and in building our new apps.  

You'll need to be adaptable and willing to take the initiative in solving a wide variety of problems. Besides the main job of designing and building new features, you will be expected to contribute to the management of cloud services and deployments, working with our integration partners and managing our APIs, scripting data imports/extracts/migrations and helping our customer support team in resolving any issues. 

How we work: 
Our technology stack includes Quasar, Vue.js, ASP.NET, Azure SQL and Cosmos DB. While experience with all these is desirable, we will also consider fast learners who have experience with similar tech. 
We build fast, deploying to production several times per week. We deliver new features early using feature switches to release only to pilot groups, get feedback and make improvements before rolling out to all our users.  
We like to use proven frameworks and tools rather than spending time building our own, so we can focus our efforts on building a great user experience. We choose framework options that improve developer efficiency.  
We respond quickly to our customers and we are always look for ways to make their jobs easier. 
We have been working remotely for over 4 years now and offer flexible working hours 
This role is for you if: 

You love the feeling of creating something great that users love to use. You like to see your work in use, get feedback from users, and come up with improvement possibilities.  
You’re comfortable working independently, doing things even when you’re not told exactly what to do.  
You are quick to communicate any difficulties and get help from the team, and quick to lend a hand to anyone in the team requiring assistance. 
You enjoy taking on big projects, breaking things down into stages and working efficiently to get new features in front of users quickly. 
You like working in a small team where you can have a big impact. A quick learner who is always eager to get involved in something new. 
You ask the right questions to fully understand what is required, and uncover any incorrect assumptions. 
You can put yourself in the shoes of our end users, from experienced managers looking to streamline their processes, right through to users who have limited experience using any web apps but are required to use Qintil by their employer.  
You are proactive in identifying and solving problems.  
You are focused on the quality of what you deliver, performing your own testing and understanding any risks involved in the changes you deliver.   
If this sounds like you we'd love to hear from you. 

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