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Keywords: python sql kafka nlp

Leveraging insights is the key to success. Can you help us acquire them?

Help us build the future of healthcare.
Personalized, data-driven healthcare for all. That’s our goal. So we are reimagining the medical realm with an AI-driven healthcare app that quickly identifies health issues and grants instant access to medical support. Not exactly ‘par for the course’, so we have to think on our feet a lot. But no matter how clever our algorithms (some of them already out-think us), or how intuitive our interfaces, without the right insights, we can’t make the most of the app. And that goes for our business ambitions, too. The good news is, we are working on the data infrastructure as we speak. All we lack is a BI prodigy!

Your operating theater.
As Business Intelligence Developer, you join (insert drum roll) the BI team that claims ownership over dashboarding, analytics, data engineering and database development. You work in a Scrum/Agile setting, so biweekly sprints keep you in shape. Although you zoom in on the BI side of things, your team often works shoulder to shoulder (we draw the line at 1.5 meters) with AI specialists. So if you like your Kafka/Power BI/Airflow served with a dollop of NLP and machine learning, grab a lab coat and waltz into the OR...

As BI Developer you
+ Envision and co-create dashboards and reporting tools for several teams.
+ Conceptualize, design and implement the data infrastructure, utilizing SQL databases, Kafka, Airflow, and cloud solutions.
+ Conduct analysis and research for internal stakeholders.
+ Contribute to data engineering and data analytics projects.
+ Work closely with and guide experts in the medical, AI, consulting and IT domains.
+ Unlock and visualize data that accelerates the digital healthcare revolution.

As BI Developer you co-create our Business Intelligence platform. A veritable greenfield, because yes, we have a concept in mind, but we look to you for inspiration, and we won’t hit the Panic Button when challenged. This means the role is highly impactful, especially considering the scope; you span all business domains, from AI, Finance and Sales to Marketing, Medical Affairs, R&D and Quin Management. So you might zoom in on dashboarding app use, conversion and active users in the AM, build insightful sales and financial dashboards just before lunch, and work on visualizing mission-critical medical data (what is the error rate of our app-generated indications?) with your 4 PM cup-a-soup. To maximize your value (and the fun you have creating it), you need to supplement BI skills with suave communication prowess. After all, delivering insights to data-hungry business colleagues requires a keen understanding of their tastes...

How you make us better.
By injecting our entire organization with a healthy dose of insights. Effectively immunizing us against gut-driven decision-making. That requires analytical skills and the ability to oversee complex, data-rich environments. The role also calls for a pioneering spirit and a pragmatic approach: if results are needed asap, quick & dirty may be the correct way forward. If only for a short while. ;-)

+ Roughly 2 years of BI experience, e.g., in a consulting role: if you want to directly experience the impact of your advice, welcome aboard!
+ At home in BI tools. PowerBI is our platform of choice, but if you are versed in alternatives, show us what you’ve got.
+ Experience working with/in relational databases.
+ Airflow (or similar) expertise is a major asset.
+ We award bonus points for affinity with AI, healthcare and medical technology.
+ If you can tell a Python from a Mamba, that’s another plus.

We've got you covered.
We hope the opportunity to reinvent healthcare with us gets your adrenaline pumping. That’s what makes your colleagues tick. Speaking of which, you’ll work with top professionals in the medical, AI and tech domains. People who love to bounce ideas off of each other, so learning from peers is a given. The environment is what you expect from an ambitious scale-up: fluid, uplifting and fun. Challenge a colleague to a game of ping pong. Grab a quick snack (or a healthy meal) in our cafeteria. Participate in bootcamps. Et cetera. And yes, we also pay you: between 30k and 50k per year.

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