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Infracloud Technologies

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Total Funding

$104.2 billion

What are we looking for??

  1. You are an engineer with an eye for constant improvement. You look at improving the code but also tooling, the commands you use, the user-facing documentation, and everything that makes great and beautiful products possible.
  2. You can talk fluently to computers: It does not matter if it is Python, Go, Java, NodeJS, or any other widely used and known programming language. Till you know one and you know it well, you fit right in. You believe languages are just tools to solve problems.
  3. You don’t throw around words such as “high availability” or “resilient systems” without understanding them. Because you know that the words are easy to talk but there is a fair amount of work to build such a system in practice.
  4. You love coaching people - about the 12-factor apps or the latest tool that reduced your time of doing a task by X times and so on. You lead by example when it comes to technical work and community.
  5. You have some exposure/understanding of systems. You have worked on some systems and are curious about the ones you have not worked on.
  6. You can express ideas and your opinions and don’t shy to say no if you don’t know something. We are not hiring Wikipedia after all, are we?

What you will be learning and doing?

  1. You will be interacting with customers a lot, to understand their requirements and challenges well. You can translate those requirements into technical solutions and can do the required research, build prototypes to validate them, and turn that into a solution that works and can scale.
  2. You will be working across multiple product engineering teams of our enterprise customers.
  3. You will be responsible for designing the solutions to niche problems and then helping the teams to implement those while fine-tuning the design. This is hard if you are not hands-on, and is someone who is always toying with technology and understanding things from first principles.
  4. You manage a team of technical engineers but you also love to get your hands dirty with a new tool or a new framework from time to time. You build your own perspective and viewpoint on things because you don’t believe ivory tower architects are effective.
  5. You will be occasionally traveling to customer offices to collaborate on a design or when a new customer is onboarded.
  6. You will be attending and speaking at conferences about our latest engineering breakthroughs and case studies.

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