Design-Driven Developer (Rails, Viewcomponent, Stimulus, Turbo, Tailwind)


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- Are you a developer with a strong design background?
- Do you have experience implementing a design system?
- Do you care about translating mockups to pixel-perfect final products? 
- Are you a self-starter who can make UI decisions based on best practices? 
- Do you enjoy working on small teams with realistic dreams? 

If so, you might really enjoy working with the crew at As we dig into our roadmap, we’re looking for a design-forward developer to collaborate with our head of product and backend engineers. The ideal candidate will enjoy owning pieces of the roadmap, so we’re looking for someone with several previous roles as a developer. We’re interested in getting to know you with a few contract projects first, and then hope you’ll eventually join our team full-time. 

We’re a Rails shop, our app is well tested, and we value following convention wherever possible so that we can focus on building the interesting bits of our product. Here are the technical skills we’re looking for: 
  • Experienced with Ruby, Rails, RSpec
  • Experienced with JavaScript, StimulusJS, Jest
  • Experienced with Hotwire/Turbo or Turbolinks or PJAX
  • Experienced with Tailwind CSS or similar mobile first framework
And it would be an utter delight if you also had:
  • Experience with ViewComponent
  • Experience leading engineers 
What to expect

The interview process consists of four rounds:

1.) Application review - Submit your resume and answer the questions on the application form to be considered for the role. Our team will review your qualifications and let you know if we’d like to move forward within one week.

2.) Hiring manager interview - Meet with the hiring manager to discuss your work history, qualifications, and details of the position. We will follow up within three working days.

3.) Technical Challenge - You have the choice between working on a take home exercise or pair programming with an engineer.
  a.) Take Home - Prior to team interviews, you will be given 24 hours to complete an exercise. During team interviews, you will discuss your solution with an engineer.
  b.) Pair programming - Prior to team interviews you will be given an exercise prompt to review. During team interviews you will work on the exercise with an engineer.

4.) Team interviews - Meet with 3-5 members of the team in a 1:1 setting in one day for in-depth values and skills-based interviews. We will follow up within three working days.


As developers, we know that shipping code alone is painful. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who's been there. is the second set of eyes you need to solve the problem, take the next step, or get unblocked. 

We’re building a way for folks who need support to get help from experienced developers. We create value through on-demand pair programming, longer-term coaching arrangements, and employment opportunities. As a software company, we offer membership packages that customers pay for on a recurring basis. (And we’re learning a ton along the way). 

Generally we’re motivated by positive impact and relationships. Our values are: 
  • Fairness 
  • Autonomy 
  • Proactive
  • Service at scale
  • Quality
  • Win/win 
Our organization is fairly early-stage (a handful of full-time employees) and we’re eager to execute on the vision for the product. The founders have decades of experience in technical education and have been successful at raising seed funding.  

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