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What endpoints are in my system? What other services are calling my endpoints? Which code change introduced the cascading failure I'm seeing in production?
Today, answering these questions requires developers to dig into logs, metrics, and traces at best—sometimes it feels like you're going on a scavenger hunt for the right information.
At Akita, we're building the first API-centric observability platform to make it easier for developers to understand their systems and fix bugs. The web console is crucial to Akita's vision of one-click observability: making it not only easy, but delightful, for developers to understand the hairy complexities of their services and APIs.
Akita is looking for our first frontend engineer to take the lead on realizing this vision. We're looking for someone passionate about empowering developers to work closely and iterate quickly with our small team as we refine our product.
I'm the founder and CEO of Akita. If this sounds fun to you, I'd love to talk. :)

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