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Scanned Inc. is a design-driven consumer electronics design and software company. Our flagship product line, Doxie, has offered award-winning document scanners for going paperless since 2008; Barcode Producer is the industry-leading design suite for creating barcodes for packages and products.

We're hiring a Director of Operations to join our leadership team to implement our multi-year growth strategy, focusing on product portfolio management, day-to-day team operations, and staff development. You'll organize and oversee our company's daily operations and — by managing its processes and coaching its people — ensure that the company is well-coordinated and productive.

Your organizational, communication, and leadership skills are second to none, and you enjoy developing solutions that push innovative boundaries. You'll work closely with executives to strategize and develop long-term plans that usher in new levels of productivity and success at Scanned Inc.

We're a small, operationally complex company, so you'll need to be extremely hands-on and versatile — you'll figure out where you're best needed, sweat all the details, and roll up your sleeves to implement solutions forward. The area of responsibility for this role is very wide and requires thorough knowledge of various company processes. You must be competent and able to plan many different kinds of operational activities. Your goal is to safeguard and improve the efficiency of the company's operations to facilitate accelerating development and long-term success.

This job is offered as a remote position. All positions at Scanned Inc. are remote-friendly. Remote work isn't new to us — we've done it for quite a while, and we're very good at it — and we're organizationally "remote-first." Occasional business travel may be required in future years. There will not be any company travel during a global pandemic.

Job Responsibilities
  • Assume the day-to-day management and oversight of our projects, staff, and team development strategy
  • Direct responsibility for the execution of company goals, priorities, and roadmaps
  • Identify and resolve operational roadblocks and pain points with clever solutions
  • Build and implement new workflows for resource management and project oversight
  • Oversee staff expansion plans by building new roles and identifying candidates
  • Build new partnerships with external consultants and firms
  • Help to refine company culture to drive employee productivity and overall business growth
  • Own day-to-day execution of company goals, priorities, and roadmaps
  • Provide oversight of company financials and budgeting, reporting directly to our CEO
  • Other responsibilities based on your individual strengths and abilities

  • Degree in business administration, psychology, organizational development, human resources, or industrial-organizational psychology – or equivalent studies / highly relevant experience
  • MBA or equivalent management experience
  • Substantial past experience in operations management, recruiting, staff management, and/or project portfolio management
  • Ideally, past experience in at least one of these industries or specialties – consumer electronics, consumer goods, B2C software, B2B software, product design, engineering
  • Experience with macOS and iOS devices — the company is entirely Mac-based
  • Exceptional digital communication and organization skills – nearly 100% of your ongoing work will be computer-driven
  • Flexibility in remotely working with others with very different working and communication styles
  • Ability to work independently and keep yourself on a fast-paced schedule
  • Ability to keep yourself organized while on a fast-paced schedule without supervision
  • Ability to think critically, be creative, pay attention to detail, and communicate well
  • Ability to provide clear and concise instruction

💰 Salaried Position

😷 Medical & Vision Insurance
For U.S. applicants: 100% paid health insurance (BCBS) and 100% paid vision (Community Eye Care)

🧑‍⚕️ Included On-demand Telehealth Doctor Visits
Our health insurance plans provide access to on-demand virtual visits with board-certified doctors. See a doctor, therapist, or psychiatrist via your phone, computer, or mobile app — anytime, anywhere.

👶 Parental Leave
To give parents additional flexibility, time to bond with their new child, and adjust to their new family situation, Scanned Inc. will provide up to 12 weeks of fully paid Parental Leave to eligible employees — regardless of gender or sexual identity — who are becoming a parent through childbirth, surrogacy, or adoption of a minor. Parental Leave can be taken consecutively or over the course of a 12-month timeframe.

🏖 Open Vacation Policy
Scanned Inc. has an open vacation and time off policy, with no set number of days per year. Take the time you'd like and need.

💻 All the Hardware and Tools You Need to be Successful
Company-owned Macs, software, and other necessary equipment to successfully perform your responsibilities will be made available to you.

🧻 No Corporate Bullshit
Work with real people who believe in doing great work that delights our customers.

🗺 Work Anywhere
Live and work from wherever you'd like. Our team is scattered throughout the world. Scanned Inc. is "remote-first."

🤸‍♀️ Flexible Hours
There are no explicitly specified hours beyond the expectation to have some overlap with other team members. It is expected that you work and communicate asynchronously and remember that work doesn't happen at the same time for everyone.

🪴 Furnish Your Home Office
Up to $500 to furnish your home office.

🥳 Mandatory Birthday Leave
Take time off on your birthday and on the birthdays of other people living in your household.

⛵️ Sabbatical Leave
Take a consecutive month off, fully paid, after every 4 years with Scanned Inc.

🧐 Fuel your Curiosity
Scanned Inc. will reimburse up to $420 per calendar year for your continued learning and development. This can be related to any topic you'd like to learn about — whether it's related to work or not. This includes online courses, in-person classes, live training, and/or digital news subscription such as The Economist, Wall Street Journal, or New York Times.

📚 Shelf-Awareness
Every new employee is offered a free Kindle Paperwhite and reimbursements for a Kindle Unlimited membership. Additional reimbursements are provided if the book you want isn't available on Kindle Unlimited.

🔬 Tinker Projects
Monthly engineering and design projects to further your knowledge of how science and math principles tie into everyday objects' design and function.

🏋️ Online Fitness Membership
Stay moving with an online fitness membership program — like Apple Fitness+, Peloton Digital Membership, DailyBurn, etc. Reimbursement up to $180 per calendar year.

🧠 Meditation & Mindfulness Practice
Take advantage of an online meditation app — like Headspace or Calm — or a different mindfulness practice (up to $70 per year).

🌬 Breathe Easy
The air you breathe in your home affects your health, productivity, and overall quality of life. We offer every new employee an air purifier to improve your indoor air quality.

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