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Hey, there!

Have you ever seen those memes where they make a joke about workplaces being like family but then they always end up toxic? I have lived that too many times. If you excel in a fast-paced but actually fun environment where your colleagues are your friends instead, then I promise this is it. We value quality over quantity. I don't come for your individual stats, time, etc., but our team's performance as a whole and any feedback from customers (if necessary). We have a 1-2 hour long meeting every week, cameras on, super casual, to have some face time, solve work problems, and have a chat. Now that I hope I have gotten you somewhat enticed, let's move on.

Job requirements:
-At least 2 years experience in Customer Service
-Empathetic/down to earth/casual attitude towards customers
-Exceptional written and oral communication skills (English)
-Self-directed - must possess the ability to work on one's own initiative/ without constant supervision
-Ability to prioritize quickly; things get busy at times and we need to rely on you to know what's most important.

Technology requirements:
-Experience on modern help-desk software, we use Zendesk. You really need to know how to use Zendesk extensively as we don't offer training on it, just a briefing on how we utilize it.
-Able to create useful scripts and automations within the help-desk to cut down workload.
-Familiar with eCommerce platforms (able to find an order, edit an order in Shopify)
-Be able to use Google Drive, Sheets, and Docs proficiently.
-Any webcam where we can see your face.
-Decent microphone/headset for taking calls.

What your day will look like:
-Review any Open tickets and address as many New tickets as comfortably possible.
-Communicate with the CS team about emerging issues or problems.
-Be available to receive phone calls and return voicemails.
-Be skilled in handling fast-paced short chats/texts.
-Be present on Slack for effective communication with the CS team.
-Video call meetings with the CS team or CS Director at any given point - usually in a time frame around your schedule.
-Be able to work a certain shift - undecided at this time. In general, we’re very accommodating to different schedules and life circumstances but please do not apply if you are unwilling to ever work a weekend shift or cover US PST hours.
-Make yourself available for training and meetings that may occur in a different time zone.

Job responsibilities:
-Taking initiative and knocking out the queue.
-Helping your team and giving advice.
-Providing suggestions and input.
-Assisting training any new hires.
-Excelling in a dynamic work environment where the duties and expectations are always evolving.

Who are we?
We're a start-up and we sell a pretty awesome scooter! The whole company works remotely and CS is no different! Our CS team has the Director of CS (myself), a manager, a supervisor, and 9 agents. Generally, I am pretty flexible - you need to cover call hours but life happens and I get that. As long as you tell me your favorite color when you write your cover letter, I'll look into your application further. Get the job done, get it done excellently, create solid (or decent, ya know) bonds with your teammates, be ready to have some fun but also be the kinda person who is just going to buckle down and work hard because it's what you believe in and not to hit some targets. We are super open-minded, out-spoken, supportive, and we’ve ended up knowing a lot about each others' personal lives, problems, and more. No one is ever required to share personal details at any point but if you do you will not be judged - we strongly embrace mental health support, LGBTQ+, BLM, POC, and all that good stuff.

If you want to be noticed, make sure your tone reflects mine and show me some personality! Also, let me know how many people are in the CS team in order to be considered.

Thanks for having a look and good luck!

Unagi Scooters is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to inclusion and diversity.

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