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Help us build meaningful healthcare software used by millions of doctors, patients, and researchers worldwide. 

Our Company is the simple, free, and secure telemedicine solution used by over 700,000 healthcare providers worldwide. Our mission is to eliminate barriers to telemedicine like cost and accessibility, so we are constantly striving to make more accessible to everyone, everywhere. With over 500,000 telemedicine calls made through our platform every day, there are millions of people relying on us to simplify their healthcare services.

Our Culture

  • Collaborative. We have multiple cross-functional teams that work together to make our platform the best it can be. Our engineers enjoy being involved in identifying problems and exploring potential solutions.
  • Empathetic. We listen to and strive to understand the patients and providers that depend on our work. Millions of people depend on our products to solve their very real health problems every day!
  • Empowering. We are building products, where your ideas and expertise can help revolutionize the healthcare industry. We encourage our engineers to spearhead projects and ideas. Our employees have the power to create change!  


We are seeking an experienced full-stack Javascript developer to work with the Platform team to support and implement it's mission. Platform team mission - to provide a delightfully modern, comprehensive, well-documented technical foundation for developers both inside and outside of that need to expand or integrate with our product. Furthermore, to provide tools, services, and examples that enable developers to create high-quality, reliable work on the platform 

What Will You Do

  • Make changes at a framework/library level to facilitate engineers in other teams
  • Implement security, resilience, and scalability changes to the codebase
  • Develop code and patterns that will be reused throughout the organization
  • Write documentation and demo those patterns
  • Perform code reviews and approval of changes 
  • Be part of AngularJS to ReactJS transition process
  • Be part of the Platform team together with Frontend/Backend Practice leads and CTO

Our Expectations

  • Exceptionally strong development and operations experience with React/Redux, node.js, Javascript (ES6+), Typescript, CSS Frameworks
  • Focused on quality, creating code that is readable, scalable and secure
  • Discipline to test changes thoroughly
  • A lot of hands-on experience with complex systems 
  • Skilled in compilation, bundling, and packaging via Webpack, Babel, etc.
  • Great to have: Terraform, AWS, Helm, Kubernetes/Docker, Linux Command Line

Quick Info

  • Location: We are looking for engineers all over Europe. HQ is located in US, main engineering hub -  Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • tech stack: 
    • React, Node.js, Typescript, WebRTC, Loopback 4, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, AngularJS
    • 3rd party: Tokbox, Pubnub, Segment, Twilio, Stripe
  • Our team: technologists, academics, researchers, and innovators from all over the world. English is the language used in all internal communication.
  • To ensure HIPAA compliance we perform background checks after extending a job offer. 

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