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We're a food-tech startup allowing the collective exploration of the mathematical space of all possible recipes. We like to think of it as the primordial soup for the universe of cuisine.
- Hardware side: We produce and ship any recipe for 7€ a piece, ready-to-eat (e.g. pesto pasta, chili con carne, veggie bowl). Think of Symphony as a black box: recipe in, meal out (and brought to your doorstep).
- Software side: Members can create recipes out of a catalog of 500 ingredients (e.g. 85% pasta, 7% basil paste, 7% olive oil, 1% salt). They can then order, taste, adjust and repeat. But the real value comes from the community sharing their best findings: from the most popular to the trending, the very niche and the just absurd — any combination is allowed, !500. Recipes are constantly evolving towards diverse variants. Finally, machine-learning is used to model users' preferences and make recommendations; model the essence of popular recipes and generate new variants (from small adjustments to merging several recipes together).
More on the space of all recipes here:

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