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$388.9 million

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At Nayms we are transforming the world of insurance using blockchain technology. Our platform will enable underwriters, brokers and other ecosystem stakeholders to place, trade, analyse, claim and settle insurance risk using smart contracts on Ethereum.

We are an early-stage (post-Seed) company in the exciting stages of development and growth, and are looking to expand our blockchain engineering team so that we can get more badass stuff done!

What you bring to the table:

  • Experience with building and deploying Solidity smart contracts onto the Ethereum mainnet
  • An understanding of common security issues and risks regarding smart contracts and how to mitigate them
  • Familiarity with crypto consensus protocols and DeFi
  • Good programming skills and the ability to learn on the job
  • You're a self-starter and can get things done on time
  • You are comfortable working remotely (our team is fully remote and global!)
  • You are an effective communicator
  • Bonus points if:
    • You have built a Dapp from scratch, including the UI and any backend
    • You have Github repos we can look at
    • You are familiar with Solidity upgradeability patterns using delegatecall
    • You have experience working with L2 rollups, e.g. zkSync

What you will get to work on:

  • Cutting-edge smart contracts using the latest Solidity features as well as industry-standard patterns around upgradeability and multisig
  • Architecting and implementing ERC-20 tokenization of policies and entities to allow for fractional owernship and investment
  • Architecting and implementing the NAYMS token to enable everyday DeFi degens to participate in the success of the platform
  • Writing an order book matching market with L2 (rollup) scaling for our trading platform
  • Researching and implementing yield aggregation for parked assets by building on third-party DeFi legos (e.g. Compound, AAVE)
  • The chance to bring something new to the blockchain world 🚀

Salary or Compensation

$90,000 — $180,000/year


🌏 Worldwide

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