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We're looking to hire a passionate and people-centric person who has the potential to be the best People Operations Manager in the world. This person will be responsible for helping find, develop, motivate and retain the team at Mindmaven - acting as a champion for the company culture, growth, and compliance. We're headquartered in California (in that town with the beautiful bridge), but the job’s location can be anywhere in the US. To start, this role is part-time (20 hours/week) but will become full-time (40 hours/week) in the near future. Work hours will mostly be based on US-West coast time. All training and work will be done remotely wherever you are, but you need to have a reliable computer and the ability to keep it running. 

About you:
  • Passion for people: You believe the most important thing in life is relationships, including (or especially) when it comes to running a successful company. You believe in the best of people and get excited to be a part of a person's growth.
  • Strong Ethics: You believe that earning trust with others is a critical part of being successful. You are incredibly passionate about doing things with integrity and discretion.
  • Attention to detail: You love details - if you could, you would grow them in your yard, feed them daily and never let even one get away.
  • Thinking ahead: You enjoy thinking one step ahead for the people you work with, solving needs before they even arise in their minds.
  • Highly communicative: You believe that many issues and challenges do not even arise if you communicate well. You can’t remember ever being accused of talking too little.
  • Self-confident: You can communicate professionally and confidently with seasoned business contacts. Heck, you would even impress the president of the United States.
  • Learning: You thrive on advancing your skills and knowledge and have done your share of self-learning.
  • Problem solver: You have a proven skill of evaluating how to best solve a given (expected or unexpected) challenge. You believe there's always a solution and you'll find it faster than Indiana Jones.
  • Reliable and Professional: Within just a few short weeks, the person you’re supporting will build a high-level of confidence and trust in you.
  • Listening and empathy is an art form: You understand the value of listening and love collecting more information than just the words that are being said.
  • Technology is fun: You might not have earned the honors of being called a “geek” but if given a piece of technology (a service, software or hardware), you will make it purr like a cat.


Task and Time Management
  • Record all tasks assigned and perform in appropriate system(s)
  • Keep accurate and detailed records of time spent on tasks in appropriate system
  • Prioritize different types of tasks and meet deadlines
  • Consistently stay up to date on task management and communicate effectively regarding what is most important

Team Management
  • Assist in Recruiting of new team members, as needed.
  • Draft and manage all onboarding materials for each new team member.
  • Manage team hours, productivity, and identify ways to improve efficiency.
  • Oversee team objectives and assist in team development/training, including performance reviews and disciplinary action
  • Assist in developing and maintaining company culture by identifying/recommending team incentives, team-building activities, etc.
  • Track and Manage all Time-off requests across the team.
  • Assist with any off-boarding of any team members, including (but not limited to) necessary documentation, systems management, and exit interviews

Company Policy Management
  • Help ensure company is remaining compliant with all state and federal regulations.
  • Deliver any policy updates and recommend any necessary team trainings.
  • Keep company up to date on licenses and subscriptions.
  • Maintain employee handbook.
  • Manage all complaints, harassment allegations, personnel-conflicts, etc.

Company Strategy
  • Assist in making company decisions related to hires, financial decisions, and other strategic decisions.
  • Help oversee the general financial health of the company including flagging for any concerns, recommending optimizations to maintain the company's vision, issuing reimbursements, and producing annual budgets.
  • Analyze systems and workflows and recommend improvements.
Any other responsibilities that might arise while performing this job.

(This is important) Please only apply if:
  • You are willing to write a customized response to this job post
  • You have a Bachelor's Degree
  • You have at least 5 years of successful experience working in an HR-related or People Operations role
  • You have at least 1 year of successful experience working remotely

Unfortunately, if you do not meet these requirements, we will not be able to respond.

Congratulations, you have made it to the end of this job posting! That might already qualify you for this job. We can’t wait.

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