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The VOLT Marketing Agency is a comprehensive leader in the direct-to-consumer eCommerce industry that focuses on scaling international brands to 8 figures of revenue. With a combined focus on performance marketing and full-stack development, VOLT presents a unique & compatible service offering that fosters sustainable growth.

As a Senior Backend Engineer at Volt, you will be tasked with delivering high-performance APIs and backend systems, handling hundreds of millions of requests while implementing best practices. Our top priority across all projects is the use of best practices and writing clean performant code. No code you write will ever be perfect, you must be open to regression, refractoring, and constructive critisim to drive our team forward. Furthermore, you'll be responsible for identifying any foreseeable bottlenecks in project timelines before they surface. You'll be reporting to your department head, who will be hands-on in supporting your development efforts.

At Volt, our Backend stack consists of Laravel (PHP8), PostgreSQL, Cloudflare Workers (microservices), and Cloudflare Workers KV (microservice key-value store). All services we build are built to be high-performance. On average, our services combined receive ~5 million API calls daily. Most of our services integrate with various eCommerce, PIM, and ERP systems.

Day to Day Tasks: - Architect high-performance APIs and backend systems - Learn and adapt to new frameworks and technologies - Work with serverless technology - Analyze current programs including performance, diagnosis, and troubleshooting - Respond promptly and professionally to bug reports - Review and maintain code - Test new programs to ensure that logic and syntax are correct and that program results are accurate - Review changes in code and the environment that will impact system performance - Communicate effectively with leadership, other engineers, project managers, clients, and partners

Requirements: - Proficient with Git - Proficient with JavaScript (5+ Years) - Proficient with Laravel / Symfony Frameworks - Proficient with PHP (5+ Years) - Proficient with PostgreSQL or other Relational Database - Familiar with Jira and other Atlassian products - Familiar with agile-focused workflows - Familiar with Shopify, BigCommerce, Sylius, or similar eCommerce platforms


$100,000 — $140,000


United States, United Kingdom

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