Senior Front-End Developer

Catawiki | Amsterdam

Date listed

2 months ago

Employment Type

Full time



Total Funding

$94.8 million

Our Frontend story
When the site grew exponentially so did the need for properly structured Frontend. A major effort was spent modernizing our stack and properly structuring it so that it is scalable, maintainable, and predictable. It has a nice balance in that we can iterate fast but still be confident on features/changes that we release. It is an ongoing process, so we constantly look into new ideas and ways on how to improve our stack every day.

Here’s Bora, one of our Engineers:
“I always wanted to have a job where it’s not only about coming to work because “I have to”, but also because I enjoy it and find it purposeful. Having so many talented people around and a direct impact on the experience of millions of our users - I can surely say that it’s finally possible! All of that in a fast-paced environment with a top-notch stack: React, TypeScript, and the world of microservices.”

So what's the job
Working in a high traffic environment you will have the opportunity to build new features to grow the business and measure the impact. We are highly data-driven so A/B experimentation is at our core. You will be part of the frontend guild which is distributed across multiple teams consisting of a Product Owner, UX designer, backend, and other front-end developers.
You will also work with the frontend guild on constantly maintaining and improving our infrastructure to keep the stack being scalable, maintainable, and predictable. We are open to new and fresh ideas and you will have the opportunity to display them at our guild meetings where we openly discuss them.

How we roll - Our Stack
On most of the codebase, you will be working with TypeScript (our primary choice for writing Frontend code), React, Redux. Our code is built with Webpack. The code architecture is based on the Feature pattern and we are testing our code using Jest. For static content, we use Rails with Haml. We style our code using SCSS with the BEM methodology.
The stack and architecture that we have right now has been chosen by many frontend developers spending a lot of time in our codebase. We think it works really well for us, but as with everything we are always up for new ideas.
We still have some parts of the code which are in our outdated stack. We are continuously working on migrating those to the preferred one.

You'll move in sync with
You will be part of one of the product teams. Given their domain (Search & Discovery, Payments, Onboarding, etc.) you will work closely with all of the team members in sharing your expertise by explaining how/if things should be done and how will it affect the user experience.

A little about you
It's likely that you know how to explain a problem and a solution, both in detail to a technical crowd and in a simplified way to the not so technical folk. You know how to organize your time to be efficient without being overworked, and are calm and collected when a problem arises in production, and are great at prioritising your work. In addition, you have a proven track record in the following:

JavaScript and/or TypeScript - we can bring you up to speed with TypeScript
Experience with React or Vue is preferred
Redux or any other state management tool
Styling while using the BEM methodology or any of the modern approaches with using PostCSS for CSSinJS, CSS modules etc.
Functional and Object-oriented programming paradigms
Unit testing
Build automation, webpack/rollup

Catawiki is committed to building a diverse company and diverse teams. That includes everyone, no matter your age, ability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. We welcome applications from underserved and underrepresented communities. If you’ve got a story to tell, come and join us. 

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