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We are looking for a developer with experience in building a scalable and robust microservice solution

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At TrueStory it’s all about creating moments and memories for our customers.

We believe that the best things in life aren’t things.

We believe they are experiences with people you love and the new memories made from that. The best things in life are those moments.

We are building an experience platform where you go if you are looking for new things to do or experiences to share. We are located in Denmark, Norway and soon Sweden. We want to offer an experience platform with a wide ranging, but highly curated selection of unique and popular experiences. All backed by the best user experience - before, during and after the experience.

In our humble opinion things are going great. Despite the Corona pandemic, we closed 2020 with the best results we have ever achieved - in both Denmark and Norway! Using our service - more than 400.000 people tried and shared an experience. We believe we can do way better here. So from 2021 we are increasing our speed and heightening our ambitions. We are motivated to do more - get even more people out on experiences.

We are in the process of upgrading our infrastructure to fully run on microservices. A process we’ve been working on the last couple of years. This work we need to take to the next level. This infrastructure upgrade will then allow us to introduce an entirely new section to our platform - fully automated integrations to third-party booking systems. This is a great endeavour and we believe this MUST be with the best possible infrastructure to kick-start from.


If you hold a natural talent for getting things done and don’t mind making decisions while moving forward. You show high integrity in your work and are excited to see your ideas come to live. Any complex problem gets you fired up, and you are motivated to find the best solutions available, together with your team. And you do see yourself working in an industry, which aims to make people try new things and share great experiences?

Then this might just be right for you :)

How it is to work with us
Our most essential values are freedom and responsibility. We believe that you need to be “good at home” with the family and friends, before you can be good at your job. And we believe that in order to be good both at home and at your job, you need freedom to tailor your day and routines to archive that, while still performing at a high level and meeting your targets.

We don’t go for moonshot projects. Instead we try to improve “1% each day”. Our thesis is that if we do that consistently and with focus on high-impact stuff, we can create a market-leading platform. And a very attractive place to work.

Our daily development-process is very much inspired by a method calledShape-up. A method we feel allows each team member to own far more of the outcome. Enables great cooperation across the company. And it allows us to ship a lot of great code on time.

We believe that focus and a Deep Work mentality is by far the best and most fun way of developing a great product. That's why we allow and expect each of us to participate in an environment where focus and room for deep work is thriving. Where each of us owns our own time. Where the default is work smarter - not harder..

Hierarchy and big egos... We seek to avoid this and instead put emphasis on the importance of a team mindset where the best argument / idea is leading the way for us. After all - great products are built by teams.

We want to gather a group of people that wants to make the most of their time - also the time at work.

We are onto something great, in a very interesting and fast growing industry, so we might as well see how far we can take it. And we are really just getting started.

How we see you be part of our team
When joining our team you’ll immediately start working on our microservice and infrastructure. Together with our CTO, you’ll help shed light on perspective, and direction for our entire setup. Furthermore, you’ll be part of our newest endeavour - conceptualising and building an integration engine, which will allow us to integrate with a long range of third-party services. Services that will allow us to expand our booking availability on our platform.

What you will be responsible for
  • Take our microservice infrastructure to the next level
  • Shape and execute projects related to our integration endeavour
  • Work directly with our CTO ensuring alignment and planning across our platform
  • And of course, you’ll be coding ;)

What makes you good for the role
If you see yourself as an open-minded teamplayer that communicates well and is eager to get things done, then we are on the same page ;) 

To sum it up we need you to have:
  • Experience with microservices, preferably .NET Core, run on Docker and the AWS Suite
  • Knowledge of .NET Framework Web solutions (for legacy applications - yes, we still have those too)
  • Great experience working with Terraform and AWS infrastructure
  • Worked with an Event Based architecture and Pub/Sub systems
  • A curious and ambitious mindset that is constantly hungry for new knowledge
  • A great communicator and aware of the importance of working in and with a team
  • Preferably, worked with other scale-up projects introducing a robust microservice architecture

What will you be part of
  • An open-minded and highly motivated team where we love to cooperate across functions and share knowledge to improve ourselves and our skills
  • A tech-team consisting of 6 dedicated developers and a designer
  • Be able to work remotely.
  • Get to build something great from scratch

Working with us
Our main hub is located in Aarhus, Denmark. We are a semi-remote company, meaning we have a mix of remote and on-site. The value for us lies in the freedom of being able to choose. We believe that you as a member are valued by your work output. Great work is what we all aspire to do - as part of a team of like minded people.

100%-remote holds 3 requirements we need you to be able to meet
  1. You are able to work from 9 AM - 15 PM (CET)
  2. Be able to, 3 - 4 times a year, come to Denmark and work with us at our hub
  3. You have a strong and reliable remote setup (internet, camera, mic, etc.)

The job

The job is a full-time position. The position can be 100%-remote or from our office in Aarhus, Denmark. The salary will consider average wage levels in similar positions along with individual qualifications.
When you apply for the job, please add [Senior Microservice developer] in the subject line.

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