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The Migration Advisor role is vital to the success of our company.

Since this role will have you speaking to buyers and sellers around the world, it can be a bit stressful here and there. You will need to work weird hours sometimes to make sure you can get on the phone with sellers in different time zones. You will also need to be extremely detail-oriented to make sure that processes are followed to a tee.

Not all buyers and sellers are familiar with the technical aspects of migrating a business; you will need to guide them through the process in a clear and logical manner, ensuring all parties know what’s going on.

Of course, as in any role, sometimes things may not go quite to plan. It’s at this point that your role becomes most critical; you’ll need to calmly troubleshoot issues and make buyers and sellers feel that we have things in hand.

You will drive all of our migrations through a multi-step migration process. We are constantly refining this process to make the transfer as seamless as possible and ensure that we are in-line with any updates to program terms and conditions. As you become more seasoned, you will be tasked with improving this migration process.

We will train you on how to use the various tools we use to migrate businesses. You’ll also be digging into the backend of websites and learning about the various technical aspects of moving a site.

While you don’t have to be a “techie,” having the capacity to learn the technical nuances of the process is a must.

You’ll also be exposed to contracts and purchase agreements for multi-million dollar deals. It will be your job to ensure that the migration is conducted in line with the contract.

Finally, on the rare occasion that some form of renegotiation is required during the migration, you’ll run point on that, helping buyers and sellers to reach a point that works for all parties.

What Skills Do I Need? We believe in hiring people that are a good fit for us culturally. A good fit is actually more important to us than the skill sets since we will teach you everything you need to know.

While no previous work experience is required, having a background in customer service and/or some kind of technical chops is helpful. Plus, there are some qualities that will go a long way in helping you succeed in this position, such as:

You need to be detail-oriented. Migration is a meticulous job. You will be closely following our tried and tested processes and it’s vital that steps are followed closely and accurately.

You need to be a team player. The migration team regularly interact with other areas of the business. You’ll be working closely with our sales team to ensure a smooth customer transition when a deal is done. You’ll give feedback to our vetting department on processes tweaks they can make to make your life easier. You need to be good at communicating your thoughts and getting buy-in from colleagues.

You’re good at defusing problems. Buying and selling a business is an intimate process. There will almost always be obstacles and challenges for you to help both parties overcome. You’ll need to approach problems in a fair and constructive manner, keeping buyers and sellers calm and giving them confidence that you’ve got their back.

You’re not afraid of getting on the phone. The migration position will require you to get on the phone a lot with buyers and sellers. Your phone communication needs to be spot-on and you have to be comfortable making those calls to get all the information we need from the buyer and seller.


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