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We're looking for a freelance 3D artist to help us create a stylized cartoon character for an independent micro-series (5 episodes, each 10 seconds long) that are sort of an extended PSA about taking care of yourself. It's not a client project for us. We'll be animating him in different situations. The character is a middle-aged everyman, and he's got a bit of a dad bod. The style is a mix of cartoon with realistic textured clothing/elements. You would do the character modeling and texturing, based off a design you'd create from discussions with us. We'll rig/animate and light him. He'll need a body under his clothing, and you should design his face so we can rig and animate it (don't worry about creating a ton of pose morphs/AR-Kit stuff, we just need to be able to rig up a joysticks and sliders style face rig so we can make him talk and blink and etc.). We are not yet sure how we want his hair to be done, but whether it's "plastic-y" modeled or done with hair sims, we do want it to have some detail. Our pipeline includes C4D, Octane or RedShift, and some other stuff. But if you sculpt in ZBrush or Maya is your jam, that's perfectly fine as well- just keep in mind we'll be using it in C4D at the end of the day. Please send work samples, availability, and rates (rough rates are fine) to start the conversation. Please note this Apply button will take you to our website contact form, just choose "I'd like a job" and send your stuff. Thanks!

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