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Are you a Senior Designer?

You’re probably applying to dozens of design roles and you’re tired of reading the same BS over and over again! Sound familiar?

Well, it ought to. This was obviously ripped off from a popular job post created by the talented team at DelightChat** not so long ago.

But, that’s ok. Great designers find inspiration from all over the place and so do we… *cough* NerdWallet *cough*.

And that’s exactly the type of designer we’re looking for.

Have you ever moved? Was it awful?

We’re We make moving better.

Years ago, Ryan worked in L.A. as a salesperson for a moving company. He noticed a few things.

  1. People don’t move very often, so they don’t know how to find a great mover.
  2. They have no idea how much it costs to move.

So, he had an idea.

Create a website that makes it easy to get instant pricing from the best movers.

So, he did just that.

And it was….

…a solid effort for someone with limited design and development experience.

Most folks don’t get their side-projects launched. Bravo, Ryan.

Fast-forward a few years to a developer meetup in Athens, Georgia where he met Jason, a developer looking for new opportunities.

Together, they launched moveBuddha v2.0 and…

… it looked like a website designed by a developer. You know what I mean.

And that’s why we made this job post.

What makes us who we are

  • Flexibility. We don’t care where or when you work as long as the work gets done. We just ask for some overlap in our availability, 9am-5pm EST.
  • We love to reward great work.
  • We hate meetings. One quick call once a week and the rest is up to you.
  • We’re transparent. We all know what everyone is working on and how the company is doing.

The role and what we’re looking for

You might want to know:
  • The role is 50/50 conceptualizing and executing
  • You’ll work directly with the product and development teams to conceptualize and craft experiences and tools that help our users and partners achieve their goals
  • You’ll work with the marketing team to conceptualize and create compelling ads and an engaging blog design and layout
  • You’ll have ownership of the brand and design direction for moveBuddha and our other properties from our email signatures to our websites
We’d love to talk with you if…
  • You have 3+ years of experience designing mobile-first blogs, user experiences, and tools utilizing wireframes and prototypes
  • You love user-focused design
  • You are able to meet weekly creative deadlines
  • You can conceptualize and iterate quickly
  • You have a healthy balance of perfectionism with agile deliverables
  • You have an understanding and appreciation of mobile-first and responsive design principles
  • You have a solid understanding of user psychology and how to create compelling experiences that resonate (The WHY of design)
  • You have experience with Figma, Sketch, or other similar design tools
  • Your answers to questions about design often start with “I designed it this way because users…”
  • You prefer to save political flamewars for awkward family dinners instead of the workplace
You’ll fit in well with the team if you:
  • Are highly organized and detail-oriented
  • Value humility in yourself and in others
  • Have a proactive attitude with a willingness to take on any task. We are growing, but still a startup – Giving others a hand is our way of working
  • Get excited when you find a new idea or tool that can improve your way of work
  • Are self-motivated to prioritize and manage workload to meet critical project deadlines
What we are offering:
  • A contract-to-perm role. We want to make sure that we’re a good fit for you and vice-versa
  • A competitive salary
  • Flexibility. As long as the work is getting done we don’t care from where or when. We have employees in Mexico, Bali, and Eastern Europe
  • Participation in the company’s profit-sharing plan
How you can grow:

It’s a senior designer role now but eventually, we may need someone to manage other designers as the company grows

Thanks for looking and good luck with the job hunt!

Jason, Ryan and the moveBuddha team

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