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We're looking for a frontend engineer that gets excited about taking existing features the last mile.

Specifically, you should get excited about refining existing flows and user experiences. You have an eye for detail and want to take something from 1 to 10 vs. 0 to 1.

You will work closely with a product designer and a frontend engineer on our team. Our other engineers will build APIs for you, so you can spend most of your time writing javascript!

About you:
  • You've worked in early-stage startups for 3-5 years or have been a part of an engineering team that moves quickly and isn't afraid to jump on Zoom calls w/ customers
  • You've hung out with product designers before and know how to translate their Sketch mockups into code, without making them sad.
  • You think writing tests is important, but know that there's a point of diminishing returns
  • You may have tried to reverse engineer Notion's editor experience in your free time.
  • You are constantly working to get better at your craft and learn new things.

You need to really love Javascript and React and have a few years of experience working with it! Ideally, you have a few test projects or code samples that you can share.

Additionally, we'd like to do a short, test project (paid) to see how you write code and fit in with the rest of the team before making a hire.

About our Stack:
  • Rails/Postgres
  • GraphQL
  • React w/ Apollo
  • Styled-components for CSS in JS

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