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If you’re an experienced React Native developer who is passionate about mental health, startups, and working remotely — we’ve got the job for you.

We don’t believe in being stuck in a boring 9-to-5; clocking in and clocking out. We believe that a job you love is a job worth doing. We work with purpose and meaning — for ourselves, and for our users.

Bravely is a small, young startup building a mental health solution that is desperately needed today (especially for 2020). We give people the ability to (a) track physiological factors that influence mental health, and (b) access evidence-based, therapy methods & psychology knowledge that is currently only found in dry, boring textbooks.

We’ll have fun, learn as we go, and build something we’re excited by. This is a chance to create something with the potential to help millions around the globe. We want someone we trust to join us in the driver’s seat, helping to steer Bravely towards its mission.

What working with us looks like:

  • We’re young, but ambitious — It’s still very early days for Bravely, but we know it’s the start of something epic. We know it’ll take hard work and learning to get there, but we’re absurdly passionate and stubbornly determined to build something that will help people around the world.
  • We’re always learning— Products never succeed in a silo. They’re only successes when they’re in the hands of people, and they don’t want to let go! We strive to always be learning; be it new research studies, constant user feedback, or a new design methodology.
  • We value teamwork & collaboration— They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it also wasn’t built alone. We work together, not apart in silos.
  • We value initiative —We’re not looking for mindless drones! The business is in everyone’s hands, not the select few. If you’ve opinions or feedback, we want to hear it.
  • We’re remote & flexible — We don’t believe in rigid work schedules or the old-school management method of watching your every move (rolls eyes). We don’t compromise on the things that matter (our values, our mission and our users), but we leave a lot of the rest up to you (your hours, your attire, etc.). The position is fully remote, so you have the flexibility to be wherever you need to be.
  • We value taking care of your mental health — It goes without saying that we value good mental health for everyone on the team. To quantify that: taking mental health days is not only allowed, but expected. Our flexible working policy means you’re free to schedule a therapy session for yourself in the middle of your work day, or arrange for your work day to fit around your needs.
  • We have fun too! — Work takes up way too much of your life to not have fun while working. We work hard, but we make sure we’re creating a healthy, friendly and fun work environment too. Team culture is something we never lose sight of.

What does the right person look like?

  • This is for the role of lead developer. You’ll be in charge of leading the development of the Bravely app together with designers and researchers.
  • You’ll have had prior experience building mobile apps with React Native. Any experience with leading the development of a product in a startup will be highly valuable. Any experience with psychology, therapy or mental health will also be helpful, but not necessary.
  • You should be responsible, proactive, and organised, with a personal belief in constantly improving and iterating. We want to explicitly state that you can be of any nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. The only requirement we have is for you to be open-minded and tolerant of anyone different to you. And if you’re the type to share funny video alongside thoughtful articles, we welcome you with open arms!
  • Bravely is fully bootstrapped. We’re on the lookout for someone to join us in the important lead developer role for SGD 5k / month. We aim to give vested stock options to our early founding members.

What skills and traits are we looking for?

  • A strong background of at least 3 years working with React Native. Experience with React on web would be ideal, but mobile is the definite priority.
  • Experience as a lead developer on digital products.
  • Someone who believes in user-research and design-led products.
  • Familiar with startup minded businesses — specifically with being lean, agile and to expect iterations with continuous user feedback.
  • Ability and ambitious to one day lead a development team.
  • Possession of a clear, organised workflow, who writes clean, well-maintained code.
  • An awesome attitude + no ego + team-player (no lone wolves).
  • Constantly learning and sharing knowledge + seeks out, appreciates and also returns feedback.
  • Experience with working remotely is ideal but not necessary.


$35,000 — $40,000


🌏 Worldwide

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