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NJI is a wildly creative and strategically disciplined agency with offices in London, Washington, D.C., and Singapore. We work seamlessly across teams and time zones to align and deliver for our clients.

We seek a versatile web developer to join our Alexandria, VA office with at least 3+ years of experience who enjoys a broad range of both front-end and back-end development responsibilities. The ideal candidate is able to quickly, independently, and precisely build a PHP-driven website from design assets and functional documentation. Maintenance and updates to existing sites also factors heavily into the responsibilities of this position. PHP experience is a must – we frequently build on proven and popular content management systems like Drupal and WordPress.

We hope to find a developer that can build a site from Sketch/Adobe XD into WordPress or Drupal and be able to use WPVIP PHPCS standard.


Please examine the many skills we look for in a candidate. The right technical experience and skill will get you an interview, attitude and professionalism will get you the job.

Required Professional Skills

Attention to Detail – You must be naturally precise, and you must take genuine, personal pride in being meticulous about your craft. Communication – Our operational style emphasizes flexibility and encourages autonomy. As a result, uncommonly good common sense, and exceptional communication skills are absolutely indispensable for every team member. Time Management – We know that nothing is ever ‘done’. The proven ability to manage your time sensibly and proportionately with project priorities is critical.

Front-end Experience

HTML – Demonstrated correct and semantic application of markup, including headers, lists, forms, etc, ability to distinguish HTML 5 from XHTML 1, HTML 4.01, etc. CSS – Mastery of clean and organized styling techniques, including responsive techniques. Knowledge of graceful degradation/progressive enhancement approaches to browser support Javascript – Strong knowledge of syntax, variables, and operators. Experience using basic features of consoles and other debugging tools jQuery – Capable of leveraging jQuery to modify existing UI behaviors and interactions and to create brand new interactions from scratch Sketch/Adobe XD – Strong knowledge on creating a site from Sketch and AD files

Back-end Experience:

WordPress/Drupal – Demonstrated experience installing and developing quality sites in WordPress 5+ or Drupal 7+ PHP5 – Very strong with PHP syntax and features. Understand variables, constants, arrays, loops, internal functions, php configurations, error logging/reporting, and OOP principles Linux – Basic familiarity working from shell or terminal in Mac or Linux Apache – Background with Apache web server, knowledge of basic configuration, optimization and authentication techniques MySQL – Knowledge of schemas, tables, users and privileges, principles of relational databases, and SQL commands. Able to migrate legacy data from unlike management systems Analytics – Familiar with implementing and evaluating results from metric gathering technologies such as Google Analytics SSL – Experience requesting and installing certificates, directing traffic through secure ports, and encrypting protected data MVC – Good grasp of the MVC architectural pattern APIs and Web Services – Experience working with APIs, and creating and consuming web services, using SOAP and REST protocols JSON – Familiar with JSON syntax, asynchronous Javascript, and encoding/decoding JSON data in PHP Git – Familiar with Git commands including branching, merging and fixing merge conflicts GitHub: Familiar with PR and Merging PHPCS – have built site using the PHPCS code standards XML – Understand how to properly structure and use XML for transferring data

Additional Skills

These are not required, but would be considered plusses:

Sass, SCSS Gulp/Grunt, Bower package manager RegEx skills Other technologies such as NGINX, PHP–FPM, APC, Memcache, Varnish, and CDN Worked locally using Lando or Vagrant Drupal 7/8


Oh, and thanks for reading this all the way through. To be clear, we’re not interested in hearing from recruiters, recruiters who claim not to be “recruiters,” headhunters, or staffing companies.

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