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Did you know that developing business software doesn't have to be boring?
At SimplePay, we've brought craftsmanship to payroll software. We love solving thorny business problems with elegant code. That is why I started the company to begin with. This philosophy has brought us 16 000 clients and counting across South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland.
Our development team was already mostly remote pre-pandemic.
To find out more about us, check our developer blog ( or about page (
Do you believe most SPAs are a pile of steaming crap, but wouldn't mind digging into Vue.js for pages that will benefit from the increased interactivity? Do you laugh when people give up the power of PostgreSQL in favour of data stores that don't offer any benefits for their use case? If so, you may fit in well with our mindset.
Experience: Due to our full pipeline, we can only hire developers who have a few years of Rails experience at this time, or highly experienced polyglots who at least know some Ruby. The work is mostly on the back-end, but some front-end skills are welcome.
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