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ZeeWise is a very small software company that provides data aggregation and reporting for the franchise sector. We've actually been around for over a decade and have some very well-known customers despite our modest employee count. I'm one of the original tech founders and just took over as CEO. We're beginning the process of overhauling our product/tech stack.
We are looking to hire Software Developer(s) to tweak/update/transform our somewhat legacy platform into a more refined and scalable product.
Our stack is .NET and MSSQL with Angular (moving to Vue) on the frontend, however we're essentially rethinking everything so convince us why we should switch to your favorite stack instead of optimizing what we have.
Our platform has a lot of moving parts and though we are open to junior developers we're too small to be a training grounds/stepping stone position where you'll be compartmentalized to one tiny aspect of the product and playing ping-pong most of the day. We're ideally looking for senior/experienced devs (dare I say "full-stack") that are excited and confident about making systems architecture decisions that will have immediate real-world implications for tens of thousands of small businesses around the world. If you're junior but are confident in your abilities this might be an incredible opportunity and definitely don't be afraid to reach out.
We realize it is a very competitive market out there and are definitely prepared to pay competitive salaries for the right people no matter what level (junior/mid/senior) you're at and we're also prepared to negotiate ownership stakes/substantial stock options. As mentioned we're a small team and all have a very healthy work/life balance and a relaxed but productive work ethic.
In all honesty the above is a copy paste of my last posting and some minor tweaks since then:
We're primary looking for a front-end Vue/React guru to implement (1) an MVP of a new product (2) a refactor/redesign of our existing product. The redesign is already 90% complete while the MVP is in active planning at the moment but the initial (alpha) phase is also mostly ready for implementation.
In a perfect world we're looking for someone that loves javascript/typescript and has launched a few SaaS products but also either has experience or informed opinions about backend features (when to leverage existing tools vs build yourself, boring tech vs bleeding edge, PaaS vs self devops, etc)

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